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Teruyoshi Mizushima
New Moon Festival - The Plateau

Teruyoshi stood with Seishin waiting for the speeches. His left hand rested on his sword hilt as it hung from his Obi. The more flowing style Hitatare felt wrong. His movements would not be as fast or flowing in such a loose garb. "I hate this sort of thing. I'm tired of the five year farce of peace between the two shards of the family. Gone are the days of the Sacred fire and Divine water families marching under one united banner. The years of peace before the burning of the tower have made both sides weak and unprepared. The balance will soon tip and must be in the Divine water's favour."

Seishin cut into his thoughts;
Stop. Your grandfather would scold you for such thoughts. Peace should not be wished away.

Teruyoshi replied aloud;
"I was not wishing for war Seishin." He sighed and continued "Merely expecting it."

Seishin seemed satisfied by this answer and yawned deeply before replying: "You've been moaning about the same thing for days."
It was then that the water princes articuno landed.
"Looks like the princes and princesses are ready to address us." Teruyoshi grimaced as he said this. There was nothing more tedious than these monthly addresses. Still it kept the common folk content and kept the charade of peace going for a little bit longer.

His lord Densetsu-sama, Prince of Ice, was informing the populace of latest news and showing off his tricks again. Impressive but useless in Teruyoshi's eyes. He had great respect for each of the Densetsu family however trivial magic tricks were not what his lord should be learning. The magic of warfare is what was needed right now. The political state was delicate and if Divine water were unprepared...
Seishin invaded his thoughts once more. It was almost as if the pokemon could read his thought but Teruyoshi knew it was merely that the Lucario knew how to read its link.
"War does not bare thinking about Teruyoshi. You will get your chance to fight your case with the leaders of our family soon enough. They will listen to you. Stop worrying and relax, enjoy the festival."

"Thanks, Seishen. I cant help it. Perhaps some sake will clear my head." Teruyoshi wandered to the nearest table and picked up one of the bottles of sake.
"I can worry about war as much as I want but it sure is nice to not have to worry about food tonight."
Seishen did not answer but instead picked up some of the various street food available before walking off with his partner.

The speeches had ended now. "Short and sweet as usual" said Teruyoshi and smiled.

"Hello" A strange voice from Teruyoshi's left made him turn around. It was Makoto. Teruyoshi had met him once before and he seemed nice enough. His salamence was struggling with the crowd. "Seems its evolved since last time." Teruyoshi thought. He waved to the newcomer and his Salamence.
"You know them?" Seishin enquired.
Teruyoshi nodded before saying to Makoto:
"Ah, Sakimoto-san! It's been a while. How goes things? I see your link has evolved! Enjoying the festivities?"