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    Pokemon Records
    Things you didn't knew about your favorite Pokemon...

    Hello y'all, it's me, Vato! Yes, you guessed it, I've done ANOTHER Fic..., well, this is actually a Revamp of an old Fic that maybe no one remembers (it was called Tales of a Porygon). This Fiction will follow the stories of tormented Pokemon that run away from their homes for their own reasons, after a short while their roads cross and..., well, you'll have to see what happens...

    Part One: Misery

    Part One: Misery - Chapter One



    "Guys!" the Lapras yelled with desperation, "Guys!" he repeated, this time with a louder voice tone, as tears streamed down from his face only to merge with the cold sea where he was swimimg.

    A small image of a huge amount of Lapras swiming with joyful expressions across the seas surrounding Valencia Island popped in his mind. The Lapras stopped swimimg, and emmited an almost silent -why?- from its mouth.

    Why? Why did those people kill his parents?

    Why did they hunt all of his friend with no reason at all?

    Why did he survive, if there might not be any other of his kind?

    He shooked his head, and decided it wouldn't do any good if he just keep toementing himself that way..., he started to pay attention at his surroundings. Nothing, except for water, or that's what he thought.

    After carefully examining around, the Lapras saw a weird island in the horizon, half covered in ice, half being only mountains.

    The Lapras quickly started swiming towards this island, if there's ice..., then it means there's going to be another Lapras...


    Reviews would be awesome!

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