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    Hikari Natsumi Densetsu

    Hikari looked at the boy and the girl, when he said "W-we'll meet ag-again" she found out he was also shy, maybe more shy then her, but this also ment that that girl wasn't his girlfriend which embaressed her. The boy nodded at Hikari and letted his Eevee on his shoulder, probely a sign he was going to help her out, which made Hikari smile.

    'T-thank you sir! I apoligize again for interupting so r-rudly...' Hikari quickly bowed a few times and when the boy started running she jumped on Hinata-Miu's back and followed the boy. The wind played with her black hair as Hinata ran, Hinata's hair waving in the wind as well. 'Y-you might jump on Hinata's back! ...That way we are there faster!' Hikari said as Hinata was running beside him with his Eevee.

    Everyone was probely blaming Tsurara for the incident with the girl. They had to be fast before the girl died and Tsurara would be the one to blame, Hikari couldn't let that happen.