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    ((OOC: Finally done! It was just that dang picture that was giving me trouble, hope I'll get accepted!))

    Full Name: George “Buster” Leggingsteele

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Agate Village


    Personality: George is what many people would call ‘someone too energetic for his own best’. The young man mostly does things with heaps of energy and a smile on his face, especially Pokémon-battles. He is a very positive person who sees life from the bright side, and often tries to convince people to do so themselves. George is also a very nice person towards… Well, everyone really. He believes most people to be genuinely good, and thus treats them as such.

    Because of his care-free ways, most people deem George as annoying or stupid, which is true to a certain degree. George isn’t stupid, but maybe a tad too naïve for his age. He possesses some childish feats; such as if somebody seems trustworthy enough, the young man will most likely believe everything they tell him even if it’s a lie. He can also be very inconsiderate towards people as he may not always understand what they are really feeling. Sarcasm and irony is mostly lost on George since he believes everything most people say to be true or perfectly serious. That doesn’t mean that he can’t take a joke. In fact, he is also very care-free and jokey about most situations, which gives him the habit of trying to brighten up a room if there is an uneasy feel to it. Of course isn’t appreciated by everybody…

    If it’s one thing that George hates to see, it’s people being depressed. If he comes across a depressed or sad person, he will most likely try to cheer them up. However, due to his slightly childish nature, George might not always succeed in making the person feel better. In the worst case scenario, he actually makes it worse. Another thing he really dislikes is people treating Pokémon badly. If he finds someone to be treating their (or another) Pokémon badly, George will often lecture them and maybe even challenge them to a battle. Why a battle? Because that’s the way he solves things. The young man usually processes problems and obstacles by battling with his Pokémon.

    Aside from being easily fooled and childish, George is also stubborn as a mule. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and try then! When the young man sets his mind on something, he will let nothing stop him to achieve his goal. This can make him pretty destructive at times, as well as a potential threat in battles. Fun fact, he often likes to quote people, whether they are well known or not.

    Biography: George was originally born in Ecruteak City, Johto. However since his mother was a scientist, she liked to go to new places to extract information about certain Pokémon-related things. Be they fossils, Eggs or anything in between. This was usually not a problem since her time away was normally fairly short. But one day she got information about a big happening in the Orre region that would probably take some time. So the family packed their stuff and moved to Agate Village where the happenings were said to have happened. George didn’t know what it was all about at first, apparently something about a strange stone giving off some sort of energy or something, he didn’t care all that much.

    Getting used to Agate Village wasn’t a problem for the young George since it reminded him a lot of Ecruteak, albeit a bit less yellow, orange and red. The people there were friendly too, since the villagers appreciated a bit of new residents because Agate Village didn’t have that much of people in it. So there they were, in Agate Village. George’s mother were conducting her research, his father applied for becoming a Gym Leader in the nearest town, his younger brother was starting school as George just switched classes. At first, George had trouble making new friends while his brother easily made lots and lots of them. Truth to be told, he was a bit put off by this. Why could his brother making friends so easily and not he? Had his brother gotten better classmates, or was it something wrong with George?

    This problem ate on him for a while and made it even harder for him to make friends. Now that George thinks back at it, it was all just extremely stupid. But in that age, fitting in was something a lot of kids wanted to do and not having any friends mostly meant that you were sort of an outsider. George didn’t want to be labeled as such. So he continued to dwell on the subject for weeks until his father confronted him about it.

    “What’s the matter?” he had said while looking down at his son.

    “I don’t know…” George had replied, “It feels like there’s something wrong with me for not being able to make friends…”

    At this, his father had just laughed loudly. At first, George had become angry, thinking that his father was laughing at him. He had angrily shouted at his father as a result of that. Then the older man had patted his son’s head, explaining that he was laughing at the absurdity of the situation. George, skeptically wondering how it was absurd, decided to listen to what his father was about to say. The older man had explained that he found it absurd for George to be unable to make friends.

    “You’re one of the most socially-intelligent children I know, even for your age. Maybe… You just need to be yourself?” his father had asked him.

    “But… I’ve been myself!” George had answered a little bit irritated. He thought that his father’s question was unnecessary and downright stupid. Wasn’t “being yourself” the first thing you did around new people?

    “Hahah,” his father had chuckled, “Well if that’s the case, then why not continue being yourself? Being all down in the dumps haven’t made any better results, now has it?”

    After a while of thinking, George had answered “No.”

    His father had then chuckled and patted his son’s head again; “I think you know what to do now.” were his words.

    And indeed he did. George had realized the thing that would make take up the most of his future personality. Being sad about something is gonna’ help you about as much as not being sad about it when it comes to moving on. So why not be see life from the bright side instead of being all gloomy about it? With this newfound philosophy, George found it easier to make friends, thus proving to himself that his inability to get new mates was only in his head.

    As his amount of friends grew his interests grew as well. Mainly one of them: Pokémon-battling. George and his friends often hung out at the Day-Care in Agate Town battling with the Pokémon that were there. Luckily for them and the Day-Care Couple, it was a win-win situation. The kids gained experience with battling Pokémon and the Pokémon themselves also gained experience from battling, which were the usual intentions of the people leaving their Pokémon at the Day-Care.

    As he grew older and older as well as gained more and more experience, George decided to take on the nearest Gym in Orre. The so called “Pre-Gym”, place acting both as a Trainer School and a Gym. With his own Pokémon, an Eevee he obtained from his father, George set out on a small journey across Orre to face and defeat the Gym Leader Justy. So, George started to traverse the parts of the region that led to Phenac City, where his Gym-battle awaited. Along the way, he made some new companions, (in the form of a Skarmory and a Duskull) some new friends and some new enemies. Honestly, it had been one of the best things for George to experience! With his new companions and his new strength, the slightly more experienced George made his entrée into the Gym. In fact, he was so confident that the first words he uttered inside the building were “I will bust you Justy!”
    Now everyone of course heard this, and laughter soon broke out. This earned George the nickname “Buster”, which he was quite contempt with to be honest. To this day, he introduces himself as “George Leggingsteele, but you can call me Buster!”.

    Now, Buster had a lot of confidence before his battle with the Pre-Gym Leader. Of course he was gonna’ win it! There was no other chance! But as the battle had started, George had quickly realized that his battle with the Gym Leader was going to end in a disaster. Unable to even get past Justy’s first Pokémon, Buster faced a crushing defeat. A bit discouraged, he went home to Agate where he was met with a warm welcome. It eased his spirit again when everybody wanted to hear about his battle with Justy and inspect his Pokémon. After telling the story about his short adventure, George’s father suggested that he trained in Kanto for a bit. Thinking that it sounded like a good idea, Buster headed off to Vermillion City by boat.

    After about a day or two of traveling, George had arrived in Vermillion City. Anxious about the city, Buster had begun with exploring the area with great enthusiasm. Eventually, (after bothering a lot of people) he took the Gym-challenge. But just like his battle with Justy, George suffered loss against the burly Lt. Surge. With his spirits still being as bright as day, he traveled “backwards” to Cerulean City. Well there he challenged Misty, the Gym leader (after disturbing her on a date she had with some guy). Here, he was also defeated. After challenging three Gyms and losing to the leader in each one, Buster started to doubt his strategy. Thinking more about it, he needed more experience! But where could he get that...?

    One day though, Buster got ahold of something that seemed like a ticket. Or rather, it was a ticket. A ticket to the luxury cruiser S. S. Anne, departing from Vermillion City. Slowly but surely, the cogs in Buster’s head had started to turn. A cruiser meant lots of people, lots of people probably meant lots of Pokémon, lots of Pokémon meant lots of battles and lots of battles meant lots of experience! However, after inspecting the date which the boat would arrive and then leave, Buster had noticed that by the time he would arrive, the boat would’ve already left. Bummed out, George had decided to head for the Rock Tunnel. Well there, he had noticed something on the ticket… Apparently, the ship was making a stop in Fuchsia City. Excited, knowing that he might not miss out on this after all, George had headed towards the city where the Safari Zone rested.


    Species: Umbreon

    Nickname: Penumbra

    Level: 28

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Synchronize

    Moveset: | Tackle | Tail Whip | Confuse Ray | Faint Attack | Quick Attack | Assurance |

    Personality: Penumbra is George’s first Pokémon, which makes him see himself as a guardian to the young man. Before his evolution, the Umbreon had a personality similar to George himself. But as his shape changed, so did his mind (as he claims). Even if George didn’t acquire the same calm and cool personality, the two still gets along perfectly. Although Penumbra might tire a bit of Buster’s antics quicker than before. As the Umbreon is usually calm, if you threaten George in any way, he will not hesitate to get angry. And when he’s angry, it’s not a pretty sight.

    Short Bio: Penumbra was given to George when he was still an Eevee. Having George’s father’s Umbreon as his father, Penumbra already shared a close bond with the Leggingsteele-family. And he was more than happy to join Buster (which he deemed to be one of the more fun children in the family) on his adventure. So the both of them had set out for an exciting journey, and exciting it had been. Traveling far from Agate Village, seeing new places, meeting new people and Pokémon… It had simply been amazing! So it was only natural that George’s and Penumbra’s friendship grew stronger each day.

    One night. One faithful night. It was then it happened. George and Penumbra had taken the “desert-bus” through the barren landscape of Orre. As everybody settled down to sleep, a loud roar followed by a crash had suddenly been heard. The bus had stopped as a crash had been heard again. As all of the people got out, their eyes had been fixed on the Skarmory that was leading an attack against them. Feeling confident, George and Penumbra had challenged the steel-bird. The fight went on for pretty long, but in the end Penumbra couldn’t pull through. The Eevee had ended up on the side of the road, exhausted. But it was then, as the Skarmory tried to land a blow on George that it happened. Penumbra was covered in a bright and white light which lit up the battlefield in the darkness. Where the Eevee had been lying, a pitch-black creature with glowing, yellow rings on its body stood firmly. With new strength gained through evolution, the Umbreon defeated the Skarmory which Geore then added to his team.


    Species: Skarmory

    Nickname: Eliza

    Level: 25

    Gender: Female

    Ability: Sturdy

    Moveset: | Leer | Sand Attack | Peck | Feint | Fury Attack |

    Personality: Eliza is one tough woman! Or Skarmory… Whatever, she is very prideful and that’s all that matters! The Steel-type doesn’t let anything bring her down. If you insult her, she’ll come right back at you with everything she’s got! Just try and see! Eliza also has a big fondness of sarcasm which she likes to practice on everyone. Well, except for George since that stupid human doesn’t understand it when she’s sarcastic. Another one of her hobbies is just smacking people when they say something that she deem as moronic. Usually, George is the one who suffers from this. You can only wonder why…

    Short Bio: At young age, Eliza was an outcast because of her personality. She had been forced out of her flock because of a small fight with the flock’s leader where he (as she puts it) “was bringing her down”. After the fight which involved claws, teeth, and other things of that kind, Eliza was cast out. Greatly roughed up, she flew away from the place she had earlier called ‘her family’ to find another place to live. Settling in a desert, she found quite the nice way of not starving to death in the barren land. It was attacking both people and Pokémon passing by to steal their food or anything consumable.

    Her little plan worked great, for years she practiced it with good results most of the time. Well, until one day. It was an evening pretty much like any other, except the pray she had in mind was much bigger this time. It was a bus. Although the vehicle looked rusty and a bit broken down, it still had to have a lot of people with a lot of food in it! But as the Skarmory had tried to steal from the people on the bus, she was challenged. It was a human with long brown hair and a Eevee by his side. She had laughingly accepted the fool’s challenge, confident to win.

    But, the battle hadn’t turned out as she expected. After finishing the Eevee off, it had been the humans turn to taste her steel. But suddenly, a white flash had covered everything and a few seconds later she’d been hit by something pitch-black. Caught completely off-guard, the Skarmory had been beaten after a while. But instead of leaving her on the ground as she had first thought the human would do, she felt the sensation of getting sucked into some kind of spherical space.


    Species: Duskull

    Nickname: Jarvis

    Level: 22

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Levitate

    Moveset: | Leer | Disable | Confuse Ray | Shadow Sneak | Night Shade |

    Personality: Jarvis is really shy towards strangers and people he doesn’t know, usually hiding in the safe comfort behind George’s leg. He acts much like a small child, getting both curious and scared about new things. He is docile, much like Penumbra, but he is also determined to get stronger for Buster’s sake. However, as the Duskull is usually shy outside of battle, his personality seems to do a 180 once he ENTERS a battle. Well there, Jarvis is both frightening and ruthless towards his opponent. And he doesn’t mind playing a few dirty tricks on his own when fighting.

    Short Bio: If you would ask Jarvis about where he was from, you wouldn’t get a straight answer. The Duskull claims to have forgotten where he originates from, but could he be lying about that?

    According to himself, the last thing that Jarvis remembers is wandering alone in some sort of desert. Eventually, the Duskull had found himself in some sort of city. It was white as chalk and it had a fountain in the middle. Later on, he would learn that the city was known as Phenac, but that’s not really important right now. At first, the Ghost-type had been lurking in the shadows of the city, afraid to show himself. For some reason, he had remembered something about humans concealing Pokémon in small confined spaces, and he didn’t want that to happen!

    But after a month of just lurking about, the small Ghost-type decided to explore this area a bit more. So he started exploring and after a few minutes, he was quickly noticed by humans. But instead of trying to trap him in a confined space as he had first thought, the humans were nice to him! Slowly but surely he became somewhat of a mascot for the city. Until the day when a boy and his two Pokémon arrived. One of them was a Skarmory, while the other was unknown to Jarvis. The boy wanted a battle with the city’s Gym-Leader, but that wasn’t what drew Jarvis to him. There was something about the boy, something about his aura… It made the little Duskull curious, and he eventually joined up with the boy to go on travels with him.
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