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    I am finished too! Let me know what needs to be changed!

    Here's the SU, hope he doesn't fit in. XD I was going to do my antisocial guy but I realized his six Pokemon team works better for him. :3 So here's someone else.

    Name: Ortzi Aidyn
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Altomare, Johto


    There is no better way to describe Oz other than pretty. He's a pretty boy with an odd smile and a sweet aura. He is well-built, slender and unassuming, with barely noticeable muscle showing itself on dark goldenrod tanned skin. His short messy hair is the color of vanilla cream, reaching down his neck. Oz's eyes are forest-green with flecks of sea blue. His height is merely ordinary, if slightly above average, and he doesn't seem to mind being called tall. Faded scars and injuries litter his body, apparently adding to his charm. He is very acrobatic so there will be quite a few amusing incidents.

    Oz is a wearer of warm, earthy colors. His shirt is a dark brown and short-sleeved, with a Soul Dew pendant over it. (It's not the real one, never fear.) He also wears olive-green cargo pants, his lady claiming he looks "very charming" that way. He's not quite certain what that means but it flatters him nevertheless. His shoes are white and neon green sneakers, making him look like just any sixteen-year-old boy. Oz's trainer bag is old and raggedHe also carries around a Shaymin plush doll, it eerily reminiscent of the actual Legendary Pokemon, except for the zipper on its stomach. It can't transform but it holds things. It is one of his most valued treasures.


    Oz is like a bakery. He's warm, fluffy, and sometimes even smells like sugar. Well, okay, he's actually not that fluffy. You can hug him though. Anyway, he is warm and friendly at least, a young gentlemen. It even reflects in his speech, which is smoothly refined and gentle. He was raised to be polite and to answer every question in some sort of way, even if it is not in the way people desire. It leaves room for teasing. It is only in jest of course.

    Oz, born with the ability to see the emotional aura of the living (he hasn't seen many dead people to confirm with them), is very careful with how he presents himself. He doesn't wish to betray expectations and be someone he is not. So, despite the benefits of such an ability, he tends to pretend as though he does not know what he's seeing. It doesn't make him appear any less confident yet most of the time he gives off an aura of his own: that of dishonesty.

    Ortzi, frequently called Oz, is orderly and obedient to a fault, trying to prove himself worthy of the acknowledgement of a young woman. He is faithful to the letter, not even revealing her identity to friends. It is likely due to this... strict training he gave himself that he is never particularly bothered by the sight of his own blood or even pain. It is this that shows off his single-mindedness as not even falling off a building (it's happened once) will prevent him from fulfilling his objectives. This gets him into quite a bit of trouble yet sometimes he does manage to pull himself out of it. Takes quite a bit of work though.

    Shaymin is Oz's favorite Pokemon. He loves nature in general but Shaymin is a creature of gratitude, which deeply resonates with him, who believes he owes his mistress a great debt and that all the thankful feelings in the world could not repay it. Oz has traveled to many places surrounded by nature, thus having little experience with the hustle and bustle of say, Saffron. So he can say he prefers the rules set by nature much more than those by humans.


    Ortzi isn't quite sure where he was born but unlike the rumors which say he was born on a mountain or in a forest, it was actually on neither of these things, but on a manmade ferry from Cherrygrove. It was on its way to Alto Mare and quite frankly, a surprise to the parent and nurses on the ship, who naturally were not able to access the best birthing technology. Thankfully however, due to the assistance of a kind lady and the nurses' medical training, the baby was born safely. The kind lady had a young daughter, who would, in only a few years, become the very lady Ortzi swore loyalty to.

    But before that, they were friends, young and happy childhood friends in their small world of Alto Mare. Playing in the canals and dancing to music throughout the streets, they thought nothing of occasional games with Latias or the voice of Latios in their ears. To them there was no such thing as a Legendary Pokemon, simply all Pokemon were the same and very beautiful. His lady, who he once referred to as Maddie (her middle name is Madeline), told stories of Pokemon who created the earth, of those who brought unnamed creatures from the ashes, of deep and beautiful battles. These stories enthralled the young Ortzi, who was given his name for the sparkling sky which he loved, the sky which carried people's auras on the wind.

    When Oz was well into his seventh year of life, this free-spirited way of living changed. After a simple gift from his best friend, his Shaymin doll which held a secret sleeping in its fluff, his friendship changed. Ten year old Maddie was delving into a world beneath the sweet purity of Altomare that he himself had no part of. She shut herself away from him and the friends they had made, making Oz rather lonely. It was her who had given him his nickname after all. Being young, he could identify the emotions radiating from her, but could not deduce their source. It was rather awkward. His mother, now a very quiet shopkeeper, encouraged him to wait for her to tell him. As much as this bothered the boy, he acquiesced and spent time in school, learning. His little boy mind thought: Maybe she will be my friend again if I show her how much stuff I know.

    So he learned. He studied and worked with Pokemon and business and anything people could possibly learn about, hoping to be acknowledged by his best friend, hoping that she would let him alleviate the pain she was likely going through alone in that secret world. Though this worried his mother, she couldn't help but support his determination. At the age of twelve, he went alone, as far as he knew without a Pokemon, out into the world, with only his mother's permission. This terrified Maddie when she heard, remembering only the small innocent boy at age seven. Yet no matter how much she tried to leave and find him, she was always caught and dragged home. Finally, after two years she was allowed to go and look for him, not realizing his mother had kept in steady contact with her son. Yet neither of them have found each other even now. The Pokemon world is large and vast.

    And where was Ortzi during all of this? He was traveling, seeing the world and its wonders. He learned quickly to stay away from bustling cities. Despite how big Altomare had been, it was not quite as... unnaturally loud as larger areas in the Pokemon world. At the age of fourteen, he had obtained a Houndoom through a few staredowns and a very dangerous scuffle in the forest. He also had a Vaporeon, who had been left in a Pokeball, sleeping inside the Shaymin doll. His current final Pokemon, his Togekiss, was one he raised during a six-month training at the Day-Care. They had to kick him out. His Pokemon are all very strong, having come across more trainer battles than the average Joe and enough wild fights to set anyone's blood stirring. A year before the S.S Anne cruise, he, with some curiosity, challenged the Johto League. He made it into the top 16, which pleasantly surprised the young man at the time. Oz hoped she saw this, hoped that his lady was doing well, and, though not knowing she was in search of him, continued this journey to make himself worthy of her.

    (He was late to the cruise due to being at the wrong side of Johto when it docked. It took him some time to reach Fuschia.)


    Nickname: Eliade
    Level: 36
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Water Absorb
    Moveset: Bite, Quick Attack, Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Tackle, Leer
    Personality: Eliade was hatched by Maddie, inheriting some of her more prevalent emotional tendencies as a child. Earnest and slightly hot-headed, she tends to be as whimsical as a young child. She will pop in your face mischievously and splash you. Eliade loves to play with young children, sometimes unceremoniously dragging them somewhere, leaving poor Oz to explain himself and return them. For such a fickle person, she holds more grudges than any Pokemon Oz has met. Also, she likes to cuddle. You have been warned. She doesn't take very much seriously either, even battle. SHe'll listen but she's likely having too much fun to actually care.
    Short Bio: Eliade was hatched in Altomare. Within about... two months Maddie had dunked her in the water and made her swim. Their friendship was not off to the best start. It never really became that way either, especially after that incident with "the pretty stone". Yes, Maddie hung a Water Stone fragment around the Eevee's neck by accident. Even though it was a child's error, they never truly reconciled. Maddie was a terrible Pokemon Trainer.

    So, feeling some semblance of guilt, Maddie put the little one in a Pokeball with some Sleep Powder and gave her to Oz, the ball hidden in his Shaymin plush. Since he rarely hugged it as she would have back then, it took him a long time to notice she was there. It was rather hilarious when he did, since she proceeded to love and glomp him with her paws. Their relationship has gone well ever since.

    Species: Togekiss
    Nickname: Alystar
    Level: 37
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Serene Grace
    Moveset: Magical Leaf, Air Slash, Aura Sphere, Extrasensory
    Personality: Alystar is kind and gentle, a drastic change from his young brashness, which is why he has such a powerful moveset still in his arsenal. He prefers to battle quickly and end quickly, even though he can take more hits than half his opponents. Alystar is usually found flying anywhere by his trainer, being also a slight mother hen. He's frequently found attempting to fix his hair with his wings and mouth. Eliade always finds this quite hilarious. Alystar loves the silent companionship of others and indeed may be the closest in personality to his trainer. He's also still slightly possessive of Oz, rather demanding of his attention in some situations.
    Short Bio: As a Togepi, Alystar spent his first few months of life in the Johto Day Care, being an unwanted egg left by a trainer. Oz took care of him and many of the other young Pokemon left there. He took a quick liking to Oz and proceeded to follow him everywhere. He would attack anyone who got in his way of that after some time, believing they were trying to steal Oz away from him. This convinced Ortzi that he would have to take the Pokemon for himself before he hurt the other babies. Unfortunately before he could legitimately catch him, his Togepi actually attacked one, forcing him to get in the way and ending up with him falling off the roof of the Day Care.

    This terrified the young Togepi and actually did set in the realization that he had been overreacting, even after Oz managed to recover. He devoted himself to becoming calmer and better-behaved, able to control his strength. Oz, being a forgiving sort, naturally helped out his new Pokemon. It was this eventually formed bond that led to the wild Togepi becoming a sweet Togetic. The Togekiss evolution was something else entirely, a personal choice made before the Johto League.

    Species: Houndoom
    Nickname: Drystan
    Level: 35
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Hidden B/W Abilities allowed.
    Moveset: Thunder Fang, Smog, Leer, Howl, Flamethrower, Faint Attack
    Personality: Drystan is a proud, dangerous beast. He is proud to admit he has lost to very few Pokemon and only one human in combat, his human. Loyally single-minded, he believes there are only a few objectives he has to achieve at any point. 1. Protect his human. 2. Win as many battles as possible. 3. Live. He maintains a quiet, fierce demeanor yet outside of battle is more mellow than ferocious. He does earnestly care for his partner, even if he growls at him half the time. Drystan is likely the smartest of the three Pokemon and is not one to shirk from dishonorable tactics if they fulfill the objectives. He enjoys being scratched behind the ears. If you will do that, or let him sniff your fingers, you will likely be approved of.
    Short Bio: Drystan was once the member of a pack who roamed throughout Johto, hunting and living freely as well, wild Pokemon will. However he went out to hunt alone one day and found Oz sleeping under a tree. His bag was up on a tree and something smelled like dried meat. He decided to take advantage of the situation, only to find Oz staring at him as casually as a tree. For a moment they exchanged in quite a few staredowns before, recklessly, Oz tackled the offending mutt.

    Now, common sense dictates don't attack a wild dog because it will bite back. That is just what happened. For all Oz knew, he could have had a sickness. However that didn't concern the half-asleep young man. What was running through his mind was: I don't have any more food right now and if I let this dog take my meal I'll be useless to her. So, well, he decided to fight the little bugger. It seems from this that this would be extremely onesided for a twelve year old boy to fight a Houndoom. However, Dark types aren't the only one who fight dirty. In a battle that ended with both of them rather injured, Oz managed to catch the wild Pokemon in a Pokeball. It didn't end particularly well afterward. The two of them grated at each other's nerves for days until they both gave up on it, deciding working together was probably more interesting than hating each other. Besides, how else would they pay for food?
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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