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    Originally Posted by KingDrapion View Post
    Good luck on this Hope it gets more views
    Originally Posted by sethiey View Post
    Looks good, people like you who hack B/W amaze me! Keep up the great work and ill check out the finished project for sure!

    Thanks for the support! I'll do my best to get a challenging game you all can enjoy.

    Originally Posted by elementking View Post
    Hm... Any reason you gave Pidgey Adaptability? I'm just curious, seems like a random placement to me.
    I gave the Pidgey's line Adaptability because I wanted them to be stronger, because it makes them better... You know, Pidgeot's normal abilities suck (Big Pecks, Keen Eye and Tangled Feet), so I gave it something different to make it stronger, there is no other reason.

    Ok, I've finished Nimbasa City trainers (well, not all the dome ones have been touched yet, I have only edited the ones you can battle when you first get to Nimbasa.) Now I am editing Cheren's battle in Route 5. Wild Pokémon have been edited up to Route 6, as well. I am also elaborating movesets for some Pokémon. I hope to release a new Beta (1.2) this week, but I won't be able to implement moveset editing, not all, but there will be a few changes.
    Pokémon Trial Black will be coming soon! Explore Unova again in a challenging adventure with multitude of changes!

    Hacks I support (I support most of them these are my favourite ones or ones I've put a lot of time on!):

    Pokémon Victory Fire, Pokémon Snakewood, Pokémon Dark Energy, Pokémon Adventure: Red Story, Pokémon XG, Pokémon Gaia, and Pokémon Resolute Version.