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Originally Posted by ArthurWaine View Post
Hello pokecommunity! So far my hacking progress has been going pretty smoothly (thanks to the many great tutorials on here), but I'm kind of stuck at something right now: to bypass the limit on the amount of map names you can have, I decided to be smart and simply name all routes in the game PALLET TOWN, simply setting the option 'don't display name' in the header menu. However, when I enter the map, it displays the name anyway! I've tried doing this from both sides (both maps set to 'don't display name') and it still display both names. I'm kind of stumped with this, so any tips how to fix would be greatly appreciated.
This seems like a good idea, but I see one major pitfall: Maps. With all the routes set to PALLET TOWN, your head will always appear on Pallet Town, instead of the route in question. Barring that, of course, it might just be that town and route names are set to appear no matter what. Maybe try using one of the other map names, such as Celadon Dept. or S.S. Anne. (One of the names that doesn't pull up an image when you enter it).

However, if I may suggest an alternate, why not reverse what you wanted to do? For example, instead of making all the routes have the same name and setting it to "Dont Show", make all the maps you want to have the additional names have the same name and set it to "Dont Show", or just have the map share the name of the route it's on. I think it'd probably end up looking better, since if you opened the map (or even Fly), all the routes would say PALLET TOWN, and it might confuse your players.

You can always extend the list of names, in any case.

I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.