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    We have just updated our server here is a list of what has been added.

    Fix for the 'Go Back' button when selecting replacement pokemon for a fainted pokemon
    Support for audio notification when your name is said. (Default disabled)
    Fixing chat with keys rebound to WASD or similar
    Added out of combat Potion usage. Needs support for more types and proper messages.
    Support for using fishing rods. (TODO: Finish animations, proper messages, etc)
    Fixed scripting for the Fishing Guru in 9.0
    Support for evolution stones. Everstones too.
    Added QUICK ATTACK / STRING SHOT / LEER animations.
    Support for using bikes.
    Scripting for the bike obtain subquest.
    Properly preventing swapping pokemon to invalid slots.
    Heal pokemon when they are deposited into the PC.
    Implemention of basic happiness functions.
    Support for basic trade evolutions.
    Auto focus on last used skill in battle.
    Left clicking player name in chat will change chat type into private message. Right click will open pop-up menu.
    The ability to trade has been implemented.
    A PokeMMO worth playing