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Vincent Phoenix

Well, the girl had at least apologized. Though she still seemed intent on cutting down the trees none the less, Vincent gave a little shake with his head, sighing quietly. “… Listen, it’s fine. Just… don’t start using fire moves like that near the trees. We don’t even need to cut down anymore trees right now.” After a moment of hesitation, he added, a little reluctantly. “… But thank you for trying to help. Could you round up the other survivors you can find and let them know we’re making a shelter?”

Without waiting for a reply, Vincent went back to the shelter-in-progress. Ace had managed to move the tree trunk against the Y-shaped tree still standing, creating a suitable base for a shelter. Vincent got to work and grabbed a pair of the large leaves he had collected earlier, and began laying them out as a floor. He huffed slightly, the leaves being rather big, and very heavy.

A moment later, the girl from earlier, Victoria, stepped up to him with a couple of leaves in tow. Vincent smiled a little in relief. At least someone was doing something right, besides him. He glanced back at the shelter and then to the girl again, ready to direct her to place the leaves up against the trunk. “Great! Just put them-“ Vincent cut himself off, blinking slightly in surprise as the girl continued to ask the same question. Was this some kind of weird prank? The girl’s eyes lit up in fear and panic, which led him to believe that something was wrong.

“Hey, are y- h-hey!” The girl had turned and run off, down the beach and behind a cluster of rocks. Vincent frowned to himself, glancing back at Bliss and Ace. “… Keep going, I’ll go check on her. Ace, get some of the leaves tied together and use them as a roof.” “Dabra, kad.” Ace nodded and turned to get to work, as Vincent ran down the beach, to where Victoria had moved behind a bunch of rocks.

After a short while of searching, he found the girl, leaned against one of the rocks, a faint trickle of blood running down her right hand and tears streaming down her cheeks. He looked around to make sure she wasn’t under attack before stepping closer, clearing his throat lightly as to not startle her. “Hey… Victoria? Are you alright? What’s wrong?”
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