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Vincent Phoenix

Raising his brows, Vincent looked towards the jungle as the sky continued to slowly darken, the sun almost done setting behind the softly rocking waves. He let out a groan and rubbing his forehead. “She went to get food –now-? While it’s getting –dark-? We don’t even know what Pokémon or people are on this island… damnit.”

He sighed deeply, pressing his lips together while peering back at Ace who was still working on constructing the shelter’s walls out of the large leaves. After a few moments of contemplation, he looked back to Bliss and Victoria. “Could you two go make sure she’s safe? Two’s always better than one, and make sure you have some strong Pokémon out, just in case. I’ll help Ace finish the shelter. You two just find her and hurry on out of there. The more you stay in the dark, the more prone to attacks you are.”

He glanced between the two as they both agreed and headed off towards the forest. Vincent sighed deeply, taking a moment to collect himself. “Good grief… I hope this’ll go better tomorrow…” Rolling his shoulders, he let out a huff and went up next to Ace, working on tying the leaves together to provide cover from both sides of the shelter. It was going to be small, but it should be able to fit the six-ish people he’d seen so far.
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