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    (OOC: Man can you guys post, holy crap! Any who, I'm sorry for the delay, just been busy, and sorry if I back the post up a bit. Just so I can get in what Damion does. If its not cool, just let me know and I'll figure out a way to fix it. Also, as a referesher, what's the rules on swearing?)

    Peering endlessly out on the sea as the sun went from high in the sky to now just above the horizon. Recapping the events of today, walking for what seemed like an eternity and coming across some survivors. Still puzzled as to how he wound up so far down the beach and all these 'kids' seemed to be all together here on this section. Damion let out a big sigh of relief and decided to let his thoughts trouble him another time. Just as he started to get up, still in pain, his ear twitched and heard the some faint sounds coming from the forest. His eyes quickly scanned the forest in front of him looking for anything. For an instant, he saw a difference in the lighting and the faint sound of static snapping in the air.

    "I'd know that sound anywhere." he said sternly to himself. In an instant he quickly bolted off running at a fast pace into the forest, vaulting over shrubs and downed trees. Adrenalin filled his body, not even realizing that he was being cut by some of the branches on his arms, legs and face. Now deeper in the forest he ran towards the area he thought he saw the light coming from. He saw a second brighter flash followed up by the loud popping of static in the air. "Those are Thunderbolts, no doubt about it!" His arms and legs now had a mix of fresh and dried blood on them from his scratches, now seeping some blood from the rush of energy. He saw a small clearing up ahead which he had a feeling was the center from which the bolts came from. Vaulting a log with one hand his other reached for a Pokéball from his belt. Even before his feet had landed he had thrown the ball ahead of him. Simultaneously as his feet hit the ground, the Pokéball had popped open and then landed back in his hand. In a bright flash Damion's Jolteon appeared. Catching his breath some he assessed the situation. Seeing the girl who had talked to him before on the ground and Cyndaquil not far from her, his eyes now were drawn to the Pikachu next to her.

    "Flash, Thunderbolt!" he commanded pointing in the direction of the Pikachu. "Aim high and don't them!" (Reffering to the girl and her Cyndaquil.) "Jolte-OOONNNNN" Flash screamed as he discharged a warning bolt that just barely missed the wild Pikachu's head. "Now follow it up with a tackle!" Damion continued. "Jolte, Jolte!" Flash quickly covered the distance between him and the Pikachu almost instantly. Flashed slammed into the Pikachu with enough force to quickly launch it through the shrubs and slamming it into a nearby tree. "Pi.......KA!" It let out a cry of pain, first from the initial hit, and then again when it hit the tree.

    With a brief moment, Damion ran to the girl and her Pokémon, checking the vitals on both to make sure they were okay and still alive from taking two thunderbolts. Seeing as they were fine for the moment his attention turned again to the Pikachu who had emerged from the bushes beneath the tree where it hit. "Pi... Ka..." it said, obviously injured from the attack, but still determined to stand its ground. "Pi-KA Pika" it shouted, half out of breath. "Sorry, but just because you caught them off guard, doesn't mean I'm going to go easy on you! Okay Flash, lets finish this! Teach that Pikachu that its not okay to attack humans!" Damion said pointing at the Pikachu. "Jolte!" Flash complied. Just as quickly as it started, the Pikachu quickly darted away into the woods. "Ehh, Flash, quick, lets go!" Damion said as he started running after the fleeing Pikachu. His Jolteon lead the way. As they ran off after it, he realized there wasn't anyone with him to make sure the girl and her Pokémon were okay. Skidding to a stop, Damion grabbed Flash's Pokéball. "Return!" Damion said as he recalled his Jolteon. Turning around he hurried back to where he had left the girl, using only instinct to guide him.

    As he neared where the girl was, he saw 2 figures approaching the area, slowing his pace he saw one of the girls stumble and trip over the girl on the ground. He smirked jokingly, but his smirk was quickly wiped from his face as the girl started screaming for her friend. Damion quickly fixed his hair, which was windblown from all the running, and approached the screaming girl. As he drew closer to her, he put a hand on her shoulder in attempt to calm her.

    "Hey, Its alright. Your friend here is okay, just unconcious, you're not hurt are you?" Damion said with a smile, not trying to startle the girl anymore.
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