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    It starts off as a typical Pokemon game set in the region of Thrae. Thrae is average in size for the most part, but the landscape is wildly diverse. In old legends, it's said that the land was demolished and rebuilt again and again until Rayquaza descended from the heavens and sent Kyorge and Groudon into their slumbers in the depths of the ocean and the pit of a volcano, respectively. The renowned musicians of Thrae were mesmerized by the cry of Rayquaza and how it so easily calmed the warring titans of earth and sea. They began work on compositions to mimic the great dragon's cry, and to this day, only two are known to remain. The Awakening Song, which re-awoke Kyogre and Groudon, and the Song of Slumbers, which quelled their fighting once more after only three days.

    You're a teen living in Cadence Village, waiting for the day you can become a Pokemon trainer, but the starter sets are a bit mixed at the moment and no one is allowed their first Pokemon just yet. After word arrives of the mysterious Symphony, a group of villainous musicians and archaeologists working on recovering the lost songs in order to revive the titans, the Professor gives you and your two friends your first Pokemon from the odd selection of Cyndaquil, Treeko, and Squirtle. It is now your duty to do your part to stop the coming disaster, battling Gyms along the way and collecting artifacts from the catastrophe all those years ago in order to understand what exactly happened while those songs were being written.

    -- starter selection of mixed Pokemon from Gens 1-3
    -- brand new region to explore
    -- every Pokemon from each Gen available (provided there's enough memory for all that)
    -- side-storyline detailing Thrae's past alongside the main one
    -- side-quests, perhaps?
    -- evolution possible without trading

    I have very, very little experience with any sort of coding, considering 1) I was pulled from my class early last year and didn't get the chance to learn much of it and 2) that coding had nothing to do with gaming anyway. I only bring it up to show you that I do indeed have some experience playing around with it and have discovered what learning methods work best for me and that I'm quite the fast learner. Remembering what I've learned is my only real problem, but I'm good at making notes and those will help me along the way. I frequently use online tutorials for just about anything I don't know how to do, and I plan on doing the same with this.

    Here's what I'm looking for:
    -- Spriters
    I do some spriting myself, but all that I'm good at are Pokemon recolors and splices. Anything from scratch is a no. I don't plan on having any Fakemon in this game, but if it's okay, I'd like some new Trainer sprites (perhaps Trainer customization, if it can be added into the game and the spriters are up for it) and item sprites for the new artifacts being added in. Also I would love some new tiles and various objects, but you don't have to and I'm just thankful for whatever I get. ;u;
    -- Storyline and Event Assistance
    I know I've got the main plot laid out, but that doesn't mean it can't be improved upon and I don't have the interactions between the Symphony and the player planned out yet, and the idea of side-quests sounds nice. They give the player more things to do and accomplish either while they're working on the storyline or after it's been completed, adding more to the overall playtime. I'd love help with just planning things out.
    -- Mapping
    Even if I'm the one making all the maps (and I don't mind that), I'd still appreciate feedback like "this could be bigger" or "this section isn't needed" or "why don't you put this thing over here." Just little things like that. I know that I'm bound to miss things or do them in inefficient ways, and I'd love to have feedback. Or you can help with making maps! I've never done this before, so I'm not sure if it's possible for you to make a map and then send it to me to put in the final product, but as I said, I'm still fine with doing it all myself. c:
    -- Editors
    I'm bound to make mistakes in both coding and grammar, being human and all, so anyone that could edit and point out my mistakes so I can pay more attention to them in the future would be very much appreciated <3 I nitpick almost everything I type (outside of IM) as it is, so expect at least the grammar editing to be very boring.
    -- Composers and Other Music-ers
    With such a large part of the storyline involving music, having original music in this game is very important to me. Even the major landmarks in the game are named after musical terms (that may or may not be accurate because I can't do anything music-related to save my life). I love music so much and I wish I had any sort of musical skill, but I don't and that's why I'll have to rely on others.
    -- Testers
    I'm probably going to be testing the game obsessively with every small change I make. I'm a perfectionist about anything I do, but I'm still bound to miss things. That's why I need people to test this for me and give me feedback about what's wrong and what could be done better. I want to keep the testing group small, probably limited to people who already have some other place on the team and possibly a few others.
    -- Scripters
    This is something that, like mapping, I'm willing to do entirely myself with the help of tutorials, but it would be nice to have someone that I could easily ask questions to who already knows something on the subject and just help in general.

    As I'm sure is the case with most fangames, I cannot pay you for your services. I will give you credit for everything you've done and chances to play the game while it's in development, before it sees a release. If there's anything else you'd like from me in return for all you've done, just ask and I'll see what I can do! c: If you're interested, please PM me with what position you'd like and your experience with that position (so if you're a spriter, show me some sprites. If you're a mapper, tell me what game(s) you've helped on or show me some examples. So on and so forth). This game is being done in RMXP.
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