Thread: [Spoilers] Ash Pokemon Returning?
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    hard to believe that primape is back! he has not been seen since the first season! really crossing my fingers that lapras, butterfree and pidgeot will return as well! but I don't see no bulbasaur, muk, noctowl, swellow, totodile, sceptile or snorlax. maybe their just not in the picture.....
    but if you look closely you will see tracy right next to heracross. he will probably return. maybe brock will return too!
    the pokemon most exciting to see? torkoal, because I loved how he use to be so clumsy! it would be great to see him in action again! i wonder how ash's unova pokemon will react to the others.......
    I would like to see scraggy go head to head with one of ash's fighting types like primape or heracross. that would be just completely awesome.......