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    Hey guys, Claire* confirmed that the OOC Stranded thread would be a good idea, so I'm going to make one. I'm going to edit a post in here shortly (mostly where Kelsey just drifts in and out) but I just wanted to announce that.

    EDIT: All right, I submitted the thread. It has to be approved by a mod, but I'll link it when it's published.

    As for the fanfic, by the way, it's late at night. The characters should find some sort of way to go to bed. Some character control will probably be needed if not all the characters post about going to sleep. Crushgaunt's character will wake up tomorrow.


    Kelsey felt groggy. She was hardly aware of her surroundings. It was like she was in a different, faraway world, one where she wasn't on a jungle island cut off from the rest of society, one where she was at peace.

    "Where am I... am I dead?" She couldn't speak out loud. All of her thoughts were in her head. "Is this the afterlife? What happened? Did I die?" She tried opening her eyes, but they were too heavy. "What... what happened?" The thought kept repeating like a broken record, getting more urgent every time. "What happened? What happened? What happened? Where am I? What happened to me? What the hell happened? What happened? Seriously, what the f*** happened?"

    She slowly opened her eyes, seeing Coal. Open seeing her Pokemon partner, the entire situation hit her at once, that she was still presumably alive, and on the same island she was on before. Coal himself was still knocked out, but breathing, which was a good sign and caused her to smile weakly out of relief. Her eyes quickly shut again, because it was too much effort to keep them open right now, but it was major for her that Coal survived.

    "It's a shame I'm still on this island... I hate it here... it's scary! But... if nothing else... I'm glad Coal lived. I don't know what I'd do without it." Just the thought of losing her amazing little Cyndaquil made Kelsey incredibly sad. "He means so much to me..."

    Her thoughts slowly entered in the world of dreams. It was a pleasant dream. She was in some sort of 5 star hotel. Coal and all of the other people on the island were there, even the unconscious boy. They were laughing, having a good time, and relaxing. It would come as a devastating realization to Kelsey whenever she woke up that this dream wasn't real, but it would be nice while it lasted nonetheless.
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