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    Seraphina Densetsu (Divine Water)
    Awake at Last

    Seraphina made a slight noise as her eyes opened. She was still feeling terrible, she was burning up but felt like it was freezing cold and she shivered under the blankets that were over her. The last thing she remembered was hearing a commotion at the festival, feeling weak and then nothing. As she looked around her vision slightly blurry she spotted Mai sleeping on one side of her bed and on the other was Tsurara sitting on a chair next to the bed. Seeing him she tried to sit up but fell back weak against the pillows.

    Seraphina wasn't happy that she had fallen sick, and was wondering why it had happened on this day of all days. Not even an hour after she had told everyone about how great the health of their family had been. With a frustrated sigh she tried to sit up again only to fail again letting out a small whimper as she felt her head throb with pain.

    "O-Onii-Chan w-what happened?" she whispered her voice hoarse and weak but she hoped it was enough to gain his attention.