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    Okay, felt lazy enough to add the first chapter.

    Chapter 1

    Ever Grande City, Pokémon League

    Leifèn Schwiz was not very pleased. It had taken him a day and a half to hack into the Pokémon Storage System in Kanto, another day to pick the best location, and four hours to do the actual stealing. Not to mention he was doing that right now. He tried to calm himself. He had to answer a lot of questions a while ago about why did he pick this place. Nobody would have thought of making a base right in front of the Pokémon League, but he had good reasons.

    Firstly, it was the furthest away he could go from Kanto without losing strong and reliable signal. This meant that it would take a long time to track his team from Kanto. Of course, Hoenn would too be searching eventually, but there are not many technical experts other than that blasted Devon Corporation. He gave the Devon Corp. some technical difficulties the other day, and they can’t be reached at the moment. So they are safe.
    Secondly, who would search right in front of the Pokémon League for criminals? Yes, it is the place of most importance in the Hoenn region, but it is starting to look like a place of historical importance. Not many trainers take the Hoenn Gym Challenge nowadays. But Schwiz liked Hoenn. According to him, Hoenn had the best Pokémon in the whole world. Unova too was getting more importance these days and he was too clever to miss it. After all, the Champion and half the Elite Four are busy somewhere else, so there isn’t much of a threat in case something goes wrong and they are detected.

    And finally, Hoenn is a sea-dominated region and Ever Grande city is a highly elevated island, and the only way to get to it is climbing that savage, thundering waterfall which obviously scares away even the bravest Pokémon.

    Galiv Mouscar, the boss, would be very pleased. He may even appoint him as temporary leader of Team Marsh. Schwiz had been Second-in-command for Team Marsh for quite a lot of time. In fact, he planned almost all the latest operations. Little did he know what his boss’s work was, and how he saves their hide every time, how he finances the whole operation, how he makes sure that they are unsuspected and detected the whole time.

    Schwiz was wearing a wet black shirt and pants. He was wearing sunglasses due to the sunlight, and was sitting in

    Schwiz liked Pokémon. He loved thinking about them, in contrary to what he had been taught. He had been taught that Pokémon are merely tools to get our job done. But he tried to wipe his mind clear of those things. It might interfere with his job and judgment later on.

    “Schwiz, the boss wishes to speak with you.” said a Grunt.
    What does he want this time? He wondered. Might as well hope it is a promotion…

    He picked up the phone. “Hello?”
    “Schwiz, I hope everything is going well.” said a harsh, stern voice.
    “Y-yes, boss Mouscar!” replied Schwiz, rather hurriedly.
    “So, anything special yet?” demanded Mouscar.
    “No boss! Only rare Pokémon and a couple of Shiny Pokémon.” said Schwiz. He transferred all the data collected from the transfer till now to his boss.
    “Bah, worthless!” said Mouscar, looking at all the Pokémon they’ve stolen.
    “Boss, they are all getting trained to be used by our Grunts.” said Schwiz.
    “These kind of Pokémon couldn’t even move boxes, forget being used by our Grunts.” said Mouscar, as he went through the Pokémon collected so far.

    Schwiz was obviously hurt by this comment, but he kept quiet. He knew better than to reason with his boss.

    “And what about that silly encyclopedia?” asked Mouscar.
    “Pokédex, boss.” corrected Schwiz.
    “Whatever, answer the question.” retorted an impatient Mouscar.
    “We’ve received the model from the lab, it is currently being tested.” said Schwiz.
    “And is it capable of scanning Pokémon, and display all information?” asked Mouscar.

    Schwiz scowled. He didn’t like answering so many questions. It was a trait he picked from the boss himself.
    “Yes boss. We’ve also discovered that it can simulate the current status, ability, power and even potential moves of a specific Pokémon.”
    “Hmm, it is a battle tool. It could come in handy quite a lot of times.” said Mouscar. “Keep searching. Also start making copies of that encyclopedia. It will come in handy. This is a vital operation Leifèn Schwiz, and I trust you won’t ruin it.”

    “Yes boss.” said Schwiz as he kept the phone.

    He was relieved. At least the conversation went well. He got excited as he thought what he would do once he was the boss.

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