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    Oh yeah, that was only because this was originally supposed to be made using his BW Essentials, but the task of translating all the spanish became too much so I switched it over to Poccil's Essentials.

    Edit: Another demo postpone .___. I'm having major computer problems, trying to add the finishing touches to this beta before releasing as well.

    A quick preview of one area players can visit in the demo but isn't fully complete is at the bottom.

    Area is huge and incomplete and is where the PkMn League Conference (yeah, anime style) will be held.
    This place is called International Island (anyone from any region can join this League tournament as long as they have 8 badges).
    The area to the left is Trainer's Village 1 and the house at the top is your house. The battlefields are where trainers can have sparring matches while they wait for their round.
    Area to the right is Trainer's Village 2, same as village 1 but holds the Mess Hall (food area), and the 2 big houses are where your rivals stay.
    The area in the middle is an incomplete International City, holding Rasen's biggest shopping mall.
    The area at the top is the main League area, more will be explained in-game.
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