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So I was looking through the list of noteworthy challengers in the PWT, and I noticed that Colress and Hugh are amongst these competitors. Now although they are apart of the story line, technically neither of them are gym leaders or champions. With this in mind and also Hugh being your rival in the game, I felt it was sort of an unwelcome tease to not have Silver (your rival from the Johto Region), Wally (Hoenn Region), May/Brendan (Hoenn Region), or Barry (Sinnoh Region).

Now according to the lore thus far in the Pokémon games, Wally was taught by Norman, who is in the tournament, on how to catch Pokémon. Silver who is the son of Giovanni, who is also in the tournament, defeated all of the gym leaders and made it up to Indigo Plateau with the player. Barry is... slightly off, but he defeated several gym leaders as well.

I also find it interesting that they used the canonical names for Gary and Ash (Or the English translated versions from the Adventure manga) Blue and Red respectively, but left out Silver who is also a character within the manga.

Not that I particularly care for them, I also feel that a few of the Frontier Heads either from the Hoenn Frontier or the Frontier present in HG & SS and Platinum would be of a particular skill level and capable of competing in this tournament.

Also I was looking forward to some cameo appearances from trainers from the Orre Region where Phenac Stadium and the Tower Colosseum are major parts of the plot, and it could easily be said that the characters traveled from afar to take part in the World Tournament.

Now I do not have access to the Japanese release, but I have read that 'special' trainers can be unlocked utilizing Nintendo WiFi. Are these the notable participants that we already know about? Or will there be a few more that they add in the future via events or something of the like?