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    Chapter 2
    Masterful Victory

    Pokémon League, Unova Region

    The battle was getting intense in the Pokémon league stadium in Unova. Warner and his opponent were down to just one Pokémon, and it wasn’t clear who had the upper hand. It was back to a classic Infernape versus Gallade fight, though Infernape wasn’t feeling too good a while back. And the fact that this was the finals of the Pokémon League obviously multiplied the intensity.

    Come on Infernape, just a little more… thought Warner as he hoped his Infernape would win it for him.

    “It looks like this battle has come down to one Pokémon for both trainers!” exclaimed the announcer. “But does Infernape have the fight left to defend itself? We will have to find out!”
    The crowd was bustling with excitement as they waited to see how this would end.

    “Well, I guess you’re pretty much beat, eh?” remarked his opponent.
    “Dream on, wiseguy.” retorted Warner.
    “Gallade, close in!” ordered the opponent.

    Gallade obeyed his trainer and moved closer to Infernape, cautiously watching Infernape’s left foot, which was wounded by a Mega Punch back at the start of the match.
    Warner thought fast. He knew that his opponent was up to something, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. He was just thinking about what would happen if Gallade unleashed that Psycho Cut on Infernape’s wounded foot when he realized the whole plot.

    “Now Gallade, Psycho Cut!” ordered his rival.
    “Infernape, Fire punch!” ordered Warner.

    But it was too late. Gallade’s attack closed in and hit Infernape’s wounded foot. Besides the fact that the hit was very much effective on the fighting-type Infernape and it hit his wounded foot and made Infernape immediately fall to the ground, it also made Warner aware of how slow and tired Infernape has become.

    “A critical hit on Infernape!” exclaimed the announcer.

    The crowd became silent.

    “No!” shouted Warner. “Infernape, hang in there!”

    The very next moment, Infernape got up, setting the crowd off again.

    “That’s the spirit!” exclaimed Warner.
    “In… fern… ape!” said a very confident Infernape. He was emitting a red hot flame from its body now. Warner quickly realized that this was his Blaze ability unleashed. He now knew two things: that Infernape has its power and speed boosted, and that Infernape can’t stand much more hits.
    The crowd cheered. They were obviously expecting a major comeback from Infernape.
    “Infernape, Mach Punch!” ordered Warner.
    Before anyone could react, Infernape zoomed in and hit Gallade on the face. That stunned it for a few seconds.
    “Now, use Fire Punch!” ordered Warner.
    “Gallade, Close Combat!” ordered his opponent.
    But Infernape was evidently much faster. He whacked Gallade on the face again, and by the looks of it, Gallade was badly hurt. He fell down to the ground. The crowd cheered.

    “Infernape has knocked Gallade down with just two punches! Who knows what’s going to happen next!” exclaimed the announcer.

    “Gallade, get up, quick!” shouted Warner’s opponent.

    Gallade got up. He looked very beaten up. Suddenly, his body turned red and shot out flame.

    “And to make matters worse, Gallade just got burnt!” said the announcer.
    The crowd got even louder.

    “Oh no…” said Warner’s opponent to himself.
    “Infernape, Flare Blitz!” ordered Warner.
    “Gallade, Giga Impact!” ordered his opponent.

    They both closed in with their moves. Suddenly the whole stadium got covered with smoke, and when the fog lifted, Infernape and Gallade lay right next to each other on the ground. The crowd grew silent.

    “Who will get up first? Who? The end of this year’s Pokémon League is near, friends!” exclaimed the announcer.

    “Infernape, you can do it!” said Warner.
    “Gallade, hang on!” said his opponent.

    Both of them got up. But Gallade got another spasm from his burn and fell again and this time for good.
    “Gallade is unable to battle! The winner of the Pokémon League is Warner from Castelia City!” declared the referee.
    The crowd roared.
    “Yes!” shouted Warner. “Yes! Oh, Infernape, we did it! We won the league!”

    And so it was, and the celebrations proceeded on in Unova, as Warner got another League win under his belt.

    Comments from my part:

    Nothing much, but this is my style of depicting Pokémon Battles. Anyway, the whole thing, as usual, was made in MS Word.
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