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    Thanks, thats a lot of constructive criticism,
    1st, the fire dragon its not supposed to be a fin, more like a split, i might make that more predominant, but its evolution is going to have like, 2 tails

    2nd, I was just trying to make the maps from how I thought it should look (from my head), they arent finished they are more or less, beta. I just wanted to see how they worked, and then go from there, but you're right, they are very lame xDD

    once I have perfected the forest area I'll work on everything (1st, get it all set, then perfect it all) then i'll post screen shots of them :3

    *edit* as for the "sci-fi" hes more of an equally ambitious, Dr. Emmott Brown, who made time travel possible, as well as (spoiler ) . . . a de-evolution stone
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