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    I prepared a nice little review, but my poor internet connectivity threw it into the abyss. So um, I will have to settle with a short one.

    I expected the story to be some strange circumstances in Marcelo's one year journey before he *ahem* dies. But you surprised me by jumping to Hoenn and three years into the future.

    The mention of Jirachi, and the title "Some Stars" actually gave me some idea of the direction the story might go, but I might be wrong.

    Your description of the setting is very good. (I should take some pointers from you :x)

    So few stuff I liked: Walon has evolved, I didn't expect the Pokemon to reappear. A talking Slowking. Marf is an interesting character, the fact that he's knowledgeable and can talk means he might have some important role in here.

    I presume something will happen in the tournament tomorrow, perhaps Reggie might reappear (considering this is a tournament) Yeah so, I am waiting for the next chapter (which i hope wouldn't take two months).

    Also a minor nitpick : I wish you could capitalize the first letter of the Pokemon's name like everyone else.
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