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You did a good job on the border - it fits. But you don't have to put that much details into the inside of regular houses. Just don't put anything that's out of place, make them really small so there's not a lot of empty space, and that should do it.

For the second map, the idea of having the Pokemon Center & Mart in one building is great. The only thing that really looks out of place on that map are the floor tiles in the Mart-part. Change them to be the same tiles as the rest of the map, and it'll look good.
One more thing that bothers me (But I pay more attention to the details than "normal" people), is that the entrance to the Center+Mart is right in the middle, but on the inside it's moved to the left. Moving it to the middle won't change the aesthetics of the map, but it'll kinda make more sense... I don't know, I just pay a lot of attention to that kinda stuff xD (The Pokeball on the floor, too... IMHO it'll look better if its center is in front of Nurse Joy, or whatever the nurses are called in your game xD)

But aside these extremely minor things, the maps look good.

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