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Okay, here I go. Sounds interesting so I'll join.

Preferred In-Game Name: Evan
Trainer Overworld Sprite: Rich Boy from R/B/E
Trainer Battle Sprite: Ethan from HG/SS
Pokémon #1: Blastoise
Pokémon #2: Pidgeot
Pokémon #3: Typhlosion
Pokémon #4: Sceptile
Pokemon #5: Munchlax
Pokémon #6: Snorlax
Overworld Speech: So, you've come to the Tower to battle too? It doesn't matter, you'll still lose anyway to my Pokemon!
Battle End Victory Speech: Sorry about the loss. I'm sure you'll do better next time you face me!
Battle End Loss Speech: How the heck did I lose???

I hope you understand. I don't want my Overworld Sprite and the Battle Sprite get mixed up. I'm also sure you can figure out my levels and movesets for my Pokemon as well.
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