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Originally Posted by Musketeer View Post

Nice update! The archaeologists will add a new twist in gameplay, and Stannum City looks magnificent!

Make sure you keep your "Hidden Passages" idea throughout the whole game. It would add some replay value, and it'll be an incentive to beat the game.
Thanks for the support, I like the idea of having an area that gives you information on a region (because since it has been found "recently" [not BRAN new, but not old] it makes sense they would document thing) and being able to use it as a resource for information, of course it wont tell you EVERYTHING like, "turn left at the big tree, you will find a secret path" thats not fun, but it will hint that there are valuable resources, or undiscovered areas "it seems smaller than you would think" or even "there is a rumor of a spring, but no one has been able to find it yet" but yeah, I love secrets, and i plan on adding even more!

Originally Posted by LightningAlex View Post
This is an improvement alright. There are some things you still need to fix, though:
Road 1 - The maps looks like a square, and ledges can't go over tall grass.
Cyan City - The gym roof is a bit too big (You did this probably because there are more gym leaders inside, but it's still too big). There is a random green square around the land on the water. Try using the road autotile instead. Also, who builds one part of a building on the ground, and the other part on a hill?
Road 3 - Not enough details, especially on the left part of the map. Other than that, the map is great.
Road 2 - Again, there's not enough details. Also, having parts of land on the water is okay, but having water parts on the land on the water is kinda unnecessary.
Stannum City - This map is fine. The only thing I'd like to say is, again, not enough details xD

I'm really sorry if I'm too harsh with my critiques...

Oh and by the way, IMHO the more gyms, the better, so I'd go for the 5 gyms with 3 gym leaders idea.
yes yes, I agree the gym is abnormally large, I will change it, as it should be, I like the 5 gyms with 3 leaders, it adds to the variety, so thanks for your advice on that
-road 1, 3, and stannum city: thanks, I figured I needed to add some more details
-as for the "building on a cliff" i wanted it to be apart of it...its the safari zone entrance, but I might replace it with something else, make a bran new town, and put it in there...
anyway, you werent too harsh, infact, this is exactly what I needed to improve my maps, by tonight they will be perfect and I can move on finally!

@everyone: how do the trees in town look? not the border ones, the other ones, I wanted a type of tree that looks like its been there for a while, while the huge one in the starting town, that will be for the move "headbutt" as it is 3 tiles wide, and makes enough sense that a pokemon would live in it
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