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Originally Posted by M4CK_M4YN3 View Post
Game looks great and one thing ilove is the kanto becuase I feel soo many hacks and fan game s fail becuse peope love pokemon and are comfotablr in regions similar to the original making them more likly to play but I pthink you should upgrade your tilesets
Thanks for your support, but I'm satisfied with the tileset I have, its a nice feel and I'm more comfortable with gen-3 tiles rather than gen-4 or 5. In addition, it keeps the same feel as fire red and leaf green, which is suitable because its supposed to be it in the past.

Here are some ideas I have been toying around with, and I would love some feedback on!
● Adding achievements
[Like catching a certain number of pokemon, or beating all the gyms, etc]

● Adding quests
[Like defeating a certain number of pokemon and recieving a special item/money/outfit]

● Adding outfits
[making a closet in your room, and at the start, you choose between 3 variations of your clothes, but as the game progresses you get a few more, but you mainly get more via quests and such]

{one quest I have in mind already involves the side group called the HAT cultists (haters against trainers), they ask you to harass some people, or defeat x number of trainers, and you get various hats from them (ridiculous of course, but hats nonetheless), this is important because I'm thinking of adding an area where there is a hat cultist blocking the entrance saying you dont have a hat which makes you lame, and you being lame would ruin the atmosphere of their establishment}

ANYWAY I'm requesting the help of anyone who could help me implement my ideas, as these are not "fantasies" I think they are very real and able to be implemented, I'm just very slow when it comes to scripts and events.
note, if you DO help with these ideas, I will love you forever, and you will be given a very hearty credit in the credit section of my thread, readme, as well as end-of-the-game :3
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