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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer UV View Post
Reshiram and Zekrom are said to represent the different sides of the Yin Yang, and Kyurem is said to represent emptiness..cold...
The cold hatred that was left when the twin brothers separated the single dragon that once represented unity.

But, now that dragon has returned!

As Tao Kyurem:

Yes, I know, a lot of people probably have done this already, and I also know that it's not the best. But I wanted to show it to the PokeCommunity so that I can hear some thoughts! Heck, maybe it'll inspire a better artist to make a Tao Kyurem themselves;

The dragon will return to its true glory!

About 80% custom
I made the head, the tail, the arms, and I heavily edited the torso of Zekrom, and added the legs of White Kyurem.
This is the first sprite I've actually put a lot of effort in, and I'm quite proud of it :D
I know it can use some improvement, though, anyone care to point something out?
I REALLY like this redesign of Kyurem.. it just makes so much more sense to me. I mean, the normal Kyurem is just ugly and looks like it has nothing to do with taoism. I love this! It was also very well done, perfect even. (:

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