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    As someone who's in high school right now, I believe it is absolutely necessary. Even though my high school is on a rural area and one of the best in the county, we still have the occasional trouble-makers. We often need the security to break up fights that happen weekly, to keep an eye on kids at the lunch line for thieves, to prevent kids from running away during lunch hours, to do drug searches, and more. The problem is getting so bad to the point that last year, an idiot brought a damn gun to school, but thankfully was arrested without causing any harm. What we needs isn't just security guards, we need harsher penalties against the rules breakers. It's silly to believe most of these kids who will likely drop-out in the future actually care about being suspended, to them it's just a free holiday. At least I'm starting my last year next week, so I won't need to stand this bull for any longer.
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