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    Originally Posted by LightningAlex View Post
    Wow, those are some really nice ideas. I can't wait to see them develop more!
    As for the town, you could, for starters, put a road xD Also, the fence on the left is kinda unnecessary - better to put it around the entire town. Also, a fence around that thug spot would look cool, too.

    As for the underground map, a few more "layers" of cave walls would look extremely good. Also, how do you reach the house? I don't see any stairs or caves leading to it xD
    I put a road after I posted the map, haha, I made it dirt sand because its full of thugs, and they dont care how it looks, and like I said, you get to it by travling through a series of underground passages. but under the city/mountain, theres a hidden city! the under! (inspired from "the under" from Colosseum, but on a smaller scale) I'm also going to add a police station, but the police are bribed, and side with the bigger bribe
    In light of these various ideas and concepts, the planned demo will be postponed until sometime tuesday (hopefully)

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