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Name: chillacy seath
Age: 15
Appearance: like this but with light blue streacks down his trousere
Personality: cold and distant but at heart just wants to break out of his shell and live a proper life. his direct coldness to people came from the fact that when he was 13 he had some random stranger punch him ad told him to admit there was cat vidios on the internet, what he didn't know was that he was harrt motopoli.his biggest rival.

music is a big thing in chillacy's life so when he's not in an empty feild, youll find him listning to music. if he is disturbed while listning to music ( especially carrabein steel drumming) chillacy will never speak to you again. that's what he did to his mother. and his father. and his brother.

chillacy cares about noone but himself although he can be a bit reckless at times, often plunging himself off cliffs. his closest bond ever was to the family pet whitch was a sealo.

History: chillacy grew up in sootopolis city where, during a carnival over the rainy season found his love for music, blacking out his mother and father forever. after being forced to sleep rough for a while he finally decided to plunge himsel into the route 126 where miraculously he drifted to petalburg city where he grew up under the ownership of norman often watching his gym battles.he still has flashbacks of a pelliper closing in on him ,and then blacking out. he woke up in mr briney's house,who told him to find the gym leader

his normal life all ended with a stranger. after that episode with the stranger, chillacy's life got turned upside down. he totally lost all interest in norman and left him with nothing but a black eye. after that he started working as a spy for team aqua, not knowing they were evil.that was when team aqua were so desparate they employd kids thinking that 'well they are smaller and less easily seen ' when he found out he left immidiently. 2 years on and he has just recived a letter from proffesor birch, reluctantly accepting

starter pokemon. spheal please.

is it good enough yet?
or do i need to add more?
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