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Originally Posted by RetroRoller View Post
Sorry to ressurect this old thread but it's mysterious how this hasn't got any comments yet. It helped me a LOT and I hope that bumping this thread might get this thread more views :P
Sorry mods :P
Originally Posted by Treeko42 View Post
Yeah, A comment hasn't popped up in a year lol. Anyway thanks for the tutorial kinglur
No problem! It's a mystery to me why there aren't more easy-to-follow tutorials and tutorials for tools, maybe I'm just too stupid for most of them. So when I found out I could do something no one had a tutorial on yet I decided to make one (when I reread it just now I realized it could have some more screenshots to make it easier...). I don't think I'll ever get the tileset things done/put up, because I forgot all about it and someone better than me was working on changing Fire Red to classic Red, so maybe they have better ones of those too.
RBGY: Compilation file with headers, how to edit, et cetera. Please message me with fixes/additions/whathave you. Newest version is 6th March 2011.
Tutorial: Replacing Fire Red tiles with RBY tiles in Advance Map
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