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    The Nimbassa town tournament was nearing its beginning with excitement in the air. Misty sat in the stands closest to the area where the competitors were seated and so she could pick up on some of their conversations.

    Misty was mainly attending the tournament to see how Ash’s battling skills had gotten since she’d seen him last. But the drama going on between the competitors Misty saw was amusing to watch.

    The announcers welcomed everyone to the tournament and showed each of the competitors on a mega screen above them. They matched up the trainers but Misty only recognized four of the people there.

    Ash was to face a girl with purple hair and a fancy outfit that started spewing what Misty thought was French out of her mouth and stated that she wanted to beat Cilan… something about getting revenge on him. ‘Hmm.’ She glanced at Cilan. ‘He doesn’t look or seem the type to do something bad to someone…’

    Cilan was to face Tripp, which Misty thought would be an interesting battle since she had faced Tripp already and was curious to see how he would do against another gym leader- which he stated that Cilan was. Iris was to face some guy in what looked like a… Pokemon suit? ‘Talk about obsessed…’ Misty scoffed. Then she randomly imagined Ash in a full body Pikachu suit. ‘I would definitely knock some sense into him then…’ Her eyebrow twitched at the thought.

    Other contestants were announced but the names went in one ear and out the other for Misty since she didn’t recognize any of them. The first battle was about to start and it was between two people that Misty didn’t know but Iris obviously knew the red-headed one named Georgia. They openly started yelling at each other, making the person Georgia was actually facing, sweat drop. The argument was something about Georgia being a dragon buster and Iris’s defense was how much of a kid she acted like.

    When the battle FINALLY started, Georgia sent out a huge polar bear like Pokemon and the other sent out…

    “A bug!” Misty yelped, receiving some weird looks. She replied to the looks with a glare of her own before yelling, “Go Georgia or whatever your name was! Knock out that disgusting bug!”

    Her yell made Georgia sweat drop. “Thanks… I think…”

    Beartic was WAY larger than Joltik so it seemed like Beartic would definitely win. But Joltik’s speed was faster and so it dodged all of Beartic’s attacks, ending with a Shock Wave. Beartic fell over… On top of Joltik! This squished the poor Pokemon and acted as an instant knockout. Beartic looked sort of confused of how it won.

    Georgia was surprised at first but started taunting Iris with calling her “Iris the kid”, to which Iris commented that “Georgia was an even littler kid than she thought.”

    Watching those two go at it made Misty want popcorn with this show; it was better than those Soap Operas that her sisters often watched. ‘But is that kid insult the ONLY one that Iris uses? Maybe I need to teach her a thing or two about comebacks when I travel with them.’ Misty thought before realizing that the next round was beginning already.

    Other rounds went by with the contestants and their Pokemon. The competition was intense and made for an excellent tournament. Next up was Ash versus the purple haired girl named Burgandy, who still was going on about how she wanted to face Cilan instead.

    Ash was being his old self saying how he wanted to win but Burgandy was saying something about Ash doing a full Pokemon team replacement or something.

    “Geez,” Misty groaned. “This IS like a soap opera! Miss one thing and you’re confused the whole time!”

    Burgandy spewed out random French again and sent out a Scoutland; against Scoutland was Ash’s Palpitoad. When the announcers told of it being a water and ground type, Misty couldn’t help but get starry eyed.

    “Ooh!!! I thought it looked like a water type! So cute too!” She squealed.

    The battle started with Palpitoad using Mud Shot to splash mud on Scoutland’s face. Scoutland shook it off.

    “How rude covering Scoutland’s face with mud!” Burgandy spat and then ordered it to use a tackle attack, which sent Palpitoad flying. While in the air, Burgandy had Scoutland catch it in its teeth and use Thunder Fang. Palpitoad was unaffected.

    “Having Scoutland use Thunder Fang was a big mistake.” Misty heard Cilan comment with a smirk.

    But Burgandy had a sly grin on her face. “Use Ice Fang!”

    Everyone was shocked as ice began to form on Palpitoad while within Scoutland’s grip.

    “Oh no! This is bad!” Cilan exclaimed.

    “He’s finished.” Tripp snorted rather pessimistically.

    Misty glared down at Tripp. Knowing Ash, this was far from over. “Come on Ash! You can get past this!” Misty yelled her encouragements.

    “Palpitoad, use supersonic!” Ash called. Palpitoad did as it was told and broke free of the Ice Fang’s hold.

    “Wow! That was a really smart move!” Misty exclaimed. Ash had really gotten smart in battling. ‘If only he could get that way with everything else too…’ Misty thought with narrowed eyes.

    Burgandy spewed more French before ordering Scoutland to use Tackle again. Once Palpitoad was in the air, it was about to use Fire Fang.

    “Palpitoad, Mud Shot!” Ash called out quickly.

    The Mud Shot doused the flames in Scoutland’s mouth and left it spitting out mud.

    “Alright Palpitoad, use Hydro Pump!” Ash called with a fist pump.

    Palpitoad shot out the powerful Hydro Pump and it hit Scoutland dead on, slamming it into the wall and knocking it out.

    “Yeah, Ash!” Misty cheered.

    “Ducklett! Duck!” Ducklett cheered from her shoulder.

    “Yay! Yay! Yay!” A blonde haired girl cheered from the contestants stand, making Misty wonder how close she was to Ash.

    “Lucky break…” Tripp snorted.

    Misty glared at him. “Let’s see if YOU get that lucky break next round.” She muttered and waited as Ash and Burgandy returned to their seats with Cilan and Tripp taking their place on the field.

    “Wow, I can’t wait to see how the rest of the tournament will go.” Misty said to no one in particular. She then decided to yell words of praise to Ash. “Hey, Ash!”

    He turned around, looking around in confusion before she waved to show where she was.

    His face brightened. “Hey Mist!”

    “You did grea-“ Before Misty could finish her sentence, Psyduck popped out of its Pokeball and into the participants’ area. “PSYDUCK!!! GET BACK HERE!!!” Misty screamed at her dumb duck.

    Ash sweat dropped and scratched the back of his neck. “Brought Psyduck along with you I see…”

    “I didn’t have much of a choice.” Misty growled and leaned forward with her Pokeball in an attempt to return Psyduck. Psyduck was just out of reach of the Pokeball, sitting with Pikachu. Annoyed, Misty leaned forward more to get in closer but suddenly lost her balance and started flailing her arms around in a panic.

    “Whoa! Misty, look out!” Ash called and ran towards where she would fall.

    “Eep! I’m gonna fall!” Misty cried.

    “Ducklett duck! Duck!” Ducklett cawed and grabbed onto her jacket in an attempt to stop her from falling. But the cloth was ripped from its beak and it flew down in a panic as its trainer fell from the stands to the long drop in the participants’ area.

    “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Misty screamed, but the scream was cut short as she was caught by Ash… again!

    “Whoa, you okay Mist?” He asked and stared down at her.

    A blush spread across her face as she stared up at him. “Y-Yeah, fine. Thanks Ash.”

    He scratched the back of his neck with one hand. “No problem Mist.”

    “Duck…” Ducklett sighed in relief as it landed on one of the seats.

    “Psy yi yi?” Psyduck asked and stared at them with its blank stare.

    Misty glared daggers at it. “Can’t you EVER do anything right?!” She spat and returned it to its Pokeball before sighing. “That dumb duck will be the death of me…”

    “Why did you bring Psyduck with you in the first place?” Ash asked.

    “As I said, I had no choice. That was the whole reason that Daisy called me to the Pokemon Center. She made ME take Psyduck because SHE couldn’t deal with it!” Misty vented.

    Ash snickered.

    “Hey! Shut it Ketchum! It’s not funny!” She spat.

    “Yeah it is.” He smirked.

    “No it’s no-“ Misty cut off when she heard giggling from someone. She looked to see the blonde from before looking at them with starry eyes.

    “You two look SOOO adorable together!” She cooed.

    Misty flashed her an annoyed look but then realized… He was STILL holding her. “Erm… Ash…”

    “Huh? Yeah Misty?” Ash asked, oblivious to everything as always.

    “You can… put me down now.” She tried to hide her blush by looking away.

    “Oh! Sorry!” He put her down.

    “As long as the judges don’t tell me to move, I’m going to stay down here… It’s much safer.” Misty said.

    “Fine by me.” Ash shrugged and looked back at the battle. “Hey look, Cilan looks like he’s doing pretty well.”

    “Yeah, even being at a disadvantage with Tripp’s Gurrdurr, his Dwebble is still doing really good.” Iris said, not seeing Misty fall from the stands.

    “Ax axew!” Axew cheered.

    Misty was about to go watch the battle as well but the blonde haired girl had appeared in her face suddenly. “Excuse me but you haven’t seen Zorua, have you?” She asked.

    “Zorua?” Misty echoed in confusion. “What’s that?”

    “It’s this adorable Pokemon that looks kind of like a fox and I can’t find it anywhere!” She explained.

    “Oh… Sorry, I haven’t seen a Pokemon like that.” Misty answered.

    “Ohhhh, where could it be? Zorua!” She called out and hurried away to continue her search.

    Misty kept a mental note to look out for a Pokemon like that to help with the girl’s search before standing beside Ash and Iris to watch the rest of the battle.

    After an intense battle between Dwebble and Gurrdurr, Dwebble came out victorious, meaning that Cilan would go on to the next round.

    The blonde, Bianca battled next. Her Minccino versus a Zebstrika owned by a guy named Steven? Was that his name? Anyways, Bianca lost that battle although it had seemed to be going in her favor.

    “I love you Minccino!” A random girl from the stands stood up and screamed out, receiving some weird looks.

    Misty blinked. Did she look like that when she swooned over water Pokemon? ‘But it doesn’t matter how I look. I love them and if anyone thinks I’m weird for it, they will have to answer to my mallet.’

    Misty couldn’t help but feel bad for Bianca though. First she lost her Pokemon, or so Misty thought- it was really someone else’s Pokemon that she just adored- and then she lost the battle. Bianca stuck around to watch the rest of the tournament though. More than could be said for Tripp, who disappeared after his loss.

    After a couple more exhilarating battles, the announcers stated that the tournament would continue the next day. All the participants headed to the Pokemon Center to heal and get a place to stay for the night. Misty tagged along with the group.

    “So, does Team Rocket know you’re here?” Cilan asked Misty.

    “They know I’m in Nimbassa Town… they just don’t know that I’m with you guys.” Misty shrugged. “They’re off doing their own thing in Nimbassa City.”

    “At least they didn’t come crash the tournament.” Iris sighed in relief.

    “Ax axew…” Axew agreed.

    Misty glanced at her watch. “Nope, they’re still in Nimbassa City. This handy device helps me keep tabs on them so they won’t be sneaking up on us.”

    They walked into the Pokemon Center and saw Tripp talking to Nurse Joy, receiving his Pokeballs.

    “Hey Tripp,” Ash called.

    “What?!” He snapped, turning to face them.

    “Where are you going?” Ash asked, unfazed by his tone.

    “None of your business.” He said and started to walk away.

    “Aren’t you going to watch the rest of the tournament?”

    Tripp snorted. “It’s not like my Pokemon are going to get any stronger from watching others battle. I have no reason to stick around.” He continued walking out the door.

    Ash blinked. “Tripp!”

    “Some people don’t change who they are.” Cilan commented.

    Ash just smiled. “Hey Tripp, let’s battle when we meet up again, okay?” He called after him.

    Tripp just indicated that he heard with a simple hand gesture.

    Misty admired how Ash could still be so optimistic, even with a jerk for a rival. If he were her rival, she’d be giving him a piece of her mind with every uncouth comment he made.

    An idea then struck her. “Maybe a tag battle, Tripp?” She called, making him pause momentarily before walking on.

    She blinked in confusion at this reaction but shrugged it off.

    “So, who’s hungry?” Cilan asked.

    “Me! Me! Me!” Ash cheered, leaping up and down with a raised hand like a five year old.

    “Big surprise there…” Misty muttered sarcastically.

    “Geez Ash, we all know that Cilan’s cooking is amazing but you don’t have to be such a little kid about it.” Iris scolded.

    Misty sighed. There was that ‘kid’ insult again. ‘I can see this getting old fast…’

    “Thanks Iris.” Cilan blushed slightly at her compliment.

    “I worked up an appetite battling today. I’m starving!” Ash pouted.

    “Your Pokemon did the battling, you just gave the commands. Your Pokemon are probably the ones working up appetites since they did the work.” Misty scolded Ash, but it didn’t even seem like her saying it. She thought back to N’s words of Pokemon not wanting to be captured and taken away from their families and one of the Team Plasma speaker’s words about Pokemon being slaves to humans. Were their words really affecting her? She shook her head. ‘Whether their points are valid or not doesn’t matter! They still took Azurill away from me. And I can never forgive them for that!’

    Ash gave her a weird look. “Huh? What are you talking about Mist?”

    “N-nothing,” Misty answered.

    “Come on! Are we going to go eat or what?” Iris asked impatiently.

    “Yeah, you don’t have to ask ME twice.” Ash grinned.

    Cilan chuckled and got their room key from Nurse Joy.

    Several of the contestants- the group’s friends- gathered in the dining section of the Pokemon Center to enjoy a meal that Cilan fixed for them.

    “Wow! This is amazing Cilan!” Misty complimented as she ate some of the delicious food that he had prepared.

    “Yeah, you can say that again.” Iris piped in as she chowed down.

    “Axew!” Axew agreed.

    “Yeah!” Ash added with his mouth full, making Cilan sweat drop.

    “Thank you everyone.” Cilan responded.

    Stephan sat down at their table with a huge plate equaling the size of Ash’s. “Great food man.”

    “Ready for tomorrow Steven?” Ash asked, mouth full again.

    “Swallow before you talk Ash. No one wants to see that.” Misty growled and took a bite of her food. She looked over her shoulder to check on her Pokemon, who were eating with everyone else’s. “Enjoying the food guys?” She asked in a more cheerful tone. They all responded with their respectful cries in a positive matter.

    “The name’s Stephan Ash!” Stephan said in an irritated matter, obviously the name mispronunciation was a continuing thing. “But whatever,” he shrugged it off. “I’m ready, are you ready to lose?” He took a big bite of his food, a challenging gleam in his eyes.

    “No way! I’m gonna win!” Ash argued and took a bigger bite out of his food.

    “No, me!” Stephan protested and gobbled down his food.

    “No, ME!” Ash yelled with a still full mouth and stuffed more food in.

    Misty stared at the two pathetically. ‘Looks more like they’re having an eating contest instead of an argument over who’s gonna win the tournament.’

    “Oh hey Zorua.” Iris suddenly said.

    Misty turned to see… Another Iris?! Am I seeing things?! And I thought Bianca said that Zorua was a Pokemon!

    Bianca then came skipping in with her hands behind her back and looked at the other Iris. “Oh Zorua, let’s eat together! I have some yummy Pokemon food!”

    The Iris duplicate suddenly transformed into a duplicate of Iris’s Axew. Axew was flustered at Zorua but Zorua seemed to be having fun as it giggled mischievously.

    Bianca picked up one of the Axew but it happened to be the real Axew. Axew struggled in her arms.

    “Excuse me, but that’s my Axew that you’re squeezing!” Iris spat.

    “Sorry, but this is Zorua.” Bianca replied innocently.

    “No, it’s Axew!” She tried to grab her Pokemon back.

    “No, it’s Zorua!” Bianca argued and held on tight to Axew.

    “Axew!” Iris tugged.

    “Zorua!” Bianca tugged.

    Misty turned to Cilan, who was eating in silence, sweat dropping at the scene. “Are things ALWAYS this hectic?”

    “No, I’m gonna win!” Ash yelled, still in his argument/ eating contest with Stephan.

    “No, I will!” Stephan yelled back.

    The Axew that hadn’t been picked up giggled and transformed back into a Zorua; running to a boy with a camera.

    “There you are Zorua. You really need to stop running off like that.” The boy scolded.

    Bianca instantly let go of Axew when she saw Zorua, making Iris fall over with Axew in her hands.

    “Zorua! Come back!” She ran over to Zorua but it ran out of the room, resulting in her following.

    Cilan looked back at Misty. “Pretty much.” He answered her question with a sweat drop.

    Over the next two days, the tournament raged on and lead them to the last day where Ash and Iris were the finalists.

    “How cool! I can’t wait to see how this battle turns out!” Misty said.

    “Ducklett Duck!” Ducklett cheered and flapped its wings enthusiastically.

    “I too am thrilled to see this battle. Both Ash and Iris have unique battle skills with strength that makes the outcome impossible to foresee.” Cilan commented.

    “So, who do think will win?” Misty asked.

    “I really have no idea, we’ll just have to wait and see.” Cilan replied.

    “Well we’ll never know until the end but I personally hope that Ash will win. No offense to Iris but I’ve just known Ash longer.”

    Cilan chuckled. “Well I’ve known both of them an equal amount of time so I’m personally torn. I can’t bring myself to cheer for one or the other.”

    Misty smiled. “I understand.” She looked back to the battle field. “Oh look, it’s starting!”

    Ash sent Pikachu out on the field and Iris decided to use her Excadrill.

    “Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!” Ash began.

    Cilan rose his eyebrows in surprise.

    The electric attack had no effect on Excadrill, seeing that it was a part ground type.

    “What a kid! Don’t you know that Excadrill is part ground?” Iris scolded before ordering, “use Drill Run Excadrill.”

    “ARGH!!!” Misty yelled, making Cilan jump and glance at her in surprise. “That ‘kid’ insult is REALLY starting to get old! Use something else already!”

    Cilan chuckled softly with a sweat drop. Misty then realized that he and Burgandy were having a ‘Connoisseur Showdown’ during Ash’s battle. Misty just turned back to the battle, not caring much for the commentary.

    Ash smirked as if he had an idea. “Use Quick Attack!” Using this made Pikachu able to dodge the attack easier.

    But Excadrill grabbed Pikachu’s tail between its claws and hurled it across the arena, slamming it down with Metal Claw.

    Pikachu flipped back onto its feet and goes to use Iron Tail. Excadrill rushes at it with another Metal Claw. Pikachu dodges and slams Excadrill to the ground.

    The battle had gone on for a bit with both powerful opponents but ended with Excadrill’s Focus Blast attack, which slammed Pikachu into the wall and made it faint.

    Ash ran over to Pikachu and scooped him up in his arms. “You did awesome buddy. Have a good rest.” He said and faced Iris. “Great battle.”

    “You too Ash!” Iris smiled and they shook hands.

    Misty was slightly disappointed that Ash lost but it was a great battle and Iris didn’t seem like a bad person… she just overuses an insult too much.

    “Great battle guys!” Misty said when the two joined them in the Participants Area again.

    “Thanks.” They both said in unison.

    Misty glanced at her watch and sighed. “Well, I’d better get going.”

    “Huh?” Ash asked, blinking in confusion.

    “I’ve stayed too long already. I told Team Rocket that I was just resting for a little bit and then joining them in Nimbasa City.” Misty explained.

    Ash frowned and looked at her sadly. “Mist, I swear. We WILL find Azurill! You don’t need to stick around Team Rocket for that.”

    Misty sighed. “I’ll do what I can Ash…” That was the only reply she was willing to give him before she started to walk away, feeling guilty from Ash’s sad looks. She turned back around with an optimistic smile to hide it. “It was fun watching the tournament and hanging out with you guys. I’ll join you again soon. I just know it!” She tried to assure them before exiting the stadium.

    She sighed and looked at the sky. The setting sun bathed the town in a beautiful orange light as it made its slow decent behind a mountain. ‘Staying another night might be a good idea… but I can cover more ground if I travel before the sun goes down too.’ Tearing her eyes away from the beautiful scenery, she started heading out of the town. A voice suddenly called her name. Turning, she saw Ash rushing toward her.

    “Ash?” Misty asked and stopped, waiting for him to reach her.

    He stopped right in front of her, staring at her for a moment before embracing her in a tight hug.

    A blush exploded across her face. “A-Ash!” She stuttered.

    “What will it take to make you stay?!” He asked with a cracking voice.

    Misty blinked in shock. This was so unlike Ash! Had he actually changed in the years she hadn’t seen him in? Tears threatened to well up in her eyes at the tone of his voice but she fought them. There was no way that her pride would allow Ash to see her cry. “We’re still in the same region…” She said in a soft voice.

    He pulled away but still held her in a loose hug as he stared intensely at her. “Yeah, I know we’re in the same region! But when you have to keep going back to Team Rocket, it feels like we’re regions apart!”

    She stared into his beautiful eyes, a blush prominent on her face and tried even harder to hold back her tears. “Ash…” She whispered.

    “It’s been too long already.” He muttered, putting his head down to where his hat covered his eyes.

    Misty couldn’t stand it anymore. His words pained her so much. She already longed to travel with him again but she needed to find Azurill. She couldn’t hold back the tears anymore as she basically fell against him and wrapped her arms around him. “I’m so sorry Ash!” She sobbed into his shirt. “I trust you guys to help me find Azurill, I really do! I… I have to go.”

    She turned swiftly, breaking her tear line with the swift movement and started running.

    “If you really trust us, then leave them!” He called after her.

    She stopped and turned to look at him. ‘Team Rocket may have better resources to find Team Plasma but they don’t use them very well. All this has been was a waste of time. I should leave them. Then I can stop hiding.’ Her mind made up, she smiled at him. “I- I think I will…”

    Ash finally smiled at this assurance. “So… you’ll come back then Mist? For good?”

    “Yeah… Right after I tell them to buzz off.” She giggled at him.

    “Can’t wait.” He responded, the orange light of the sunset making his eyes sparkle even more.

    Smiling to herself, Misty left him and continued toward Team Rocket’s location in Nimbassa City.

    Ash’s P.O.V
    The next morning, the gentle breeze blew through the trees and the birdsong of the Pidove sounded through the air.

    Iris walked out of the Pokemon Center and stretched contentedly. “Ahhhh! What a beautiful morning!” She sighed cheerfully.

    “Indeed! After the few days of bustle and noise around the tournament, the city seems so peaceful and quiet now.” Cilan agreed.

    Ash walked out behind them, Pikachu staring at him worriedly.

    They turned to him. “Ash! You STILL haven’t woken up?!” Iris asked.

    Ash stared at them in a tired daze. “I’m up.” He stated. Dark circles had begun to form under his eyes.

    “It seems that you had a bad night Ash.” Cilan commented sympathetically.

    “I guess,” Ash shrugged. “I couldn’t sleep last night.”

    “Are you anxious about your next gym battle?” Iris asked.

    “…Yeah.” Ash lied after a moment of hesitation. He would never admit the real reason for his insomnia.

    “Live for the moment Ash; worrying will get you nowhere.” Cilan advised him.

    “Thanks Cilan.” Ash smiled at him but it was obvious that something was still bothering him.

    “No problem,” Cilan responded before looking between the two. “Shall we start toward Nimbassa City now?”

    “What about breakfast?” Ash piped up; finally catching up with the flow of the day due to the thought of food.

    “Yeah,” Iris clenched her stomach. “I’m starting to get hungry too.”

    “Axew…” Axew mimicked its trainer.

    “Well, I was going to say that we set up breakfast on the road since I’m missing some ingredients needed to make what I want and they’re found easier- and cheaper- in nature.” Cilan explained.

    “Alright, let’s hurry and get going then!” Iris said and started walking, Cilan following.

    “Wait!” Ash called and they turned to look at him with confusion. “Sh-shouldn’t we wait for Misty? You could cook something here, right Cilan?”

    Iris and Cilan exchanged looks before looking back at Ash. “Ash, Misty went to go with Team Rocket didn’t she?” Cilan asked.

    “She said that she’d come back after she told them that she was leaving them.” Ash explained.

    Iris sighed. “Look Ash, we can’t wait around here all day for your girlfriend. We’ll probably run into her on the road. We can keep an eye out for her.” She started walking away again.

    “She’s not my girlfriend!!!” Ash protested, flustered. He still decided to follow though.

    “Whatever, you still deny like a little kid. She hasn’t even been around that long and I can see that you two are totally goo-goo eyeing each other.” Iris teased, pulled out an apple and took a bite. “Just admit it; you’re in love with her.” She stated with a full mouth.

    “WHAT?!” Ash said, blushing. “I am not!”

    “Are so!” She took another bite. “Why don’t you just kiss her already?”

    Ash’s face turned beat red. “W-w-w-what?! N-No! She’s my best friend! And besides, she’d kill me if I even THOUGHT of doing something like that!”

    “So? Best friends can fall in love.” Iris shrugged and swallowed the mouthful of her apple before taking another bite and continuing. “So you HAVE thought of doing it?” She asked slyly.

    “Yeah… wait, thought of doing what? WAIT! NO! I HAVEN’T THOUGHT OF IT!!! I JUST SAID THAT SHE’D KILL ME IF I DID!!!” Ash sputtered with an even bigger blush than before, if that was possible.

    “Haha! You said ‘yeah’!” Iris chortled. “You liiiiiikkke her! You wanna kiiiiiiiissss her?” She teased in a sing-song voice.

    “Shut up Iris! You tricked me!!!”

    “Grow up for once in your life Ash!”

    “I AM grown up!” Ash protested.

    “Iris,” Cilan interrupted, “would you be so kind as to gather some berries for me?”

    “Huh? Sure Cilan.” Iris smiled. “Be back in a flash.” She stuck her tongue out at Ash playfully before climbing up a tree.

    Ash stuck his tongue out right back at her although she was already long gone.

    “Ash,” Cilan said, “this would be a perfect place to play with the Pokemon. After that tedious tournament they need a bit of a break.”

    “You’re right Cilan!” Ash grinned and sent out all of his Pokemon.

    Cilan sent out all of his Pokemon as well.

    “Alright guys; no battle training today. You all should just take a break.” Ash told the Pokemon with his hands behind his head in a carefree matter.

    They all cheered their respectful names before running around the clearing that they were in.

    “Just don’t wander too far!” Cilan called after them.

    Ash ran over to play with the Pokemon.

    Cilan’s P.O.V

    “Good, that worked to stop those two from bickering.” Cilan sighed when he left. He then smirked. “Although, I too must admit that I’ve seen feelings spark between Ash and Misty.”

    Iris leaped down from a nearby tree and walked over to Cilan. “Are these good Cilan?” She asked as she held them out to show him.

    “Yes, those are perfect. Thank you Iris.”

    Iris smiled, making Cilan blush. Ah, what a radiantly beautiful smile she has… “No problem Cilan.” She handed him the berries and their fingers brushed, causing Cilan to blush even more. Little did he know when Iris turned away- almost too quickly- she was hiding her blush.

    Cilan smiled softly to himself as he watched Iris send out all of her Pokemon and join in their play before going back to cooking.

    Ash’s P.O.V
    “Breakfast is ready!” Cilan called. “Remember to clean your hands guys!”

    Ash glanced at his filthy hands. “Aw man… I’m starving…” Ash muttered. He then smiled deviously and saw if he could get away with it. Running up to Cilan he reached for a plate. “Thanks Cilan!”

    But before he could grab the plate, Cilan jerked it away. “Show me your hands Ash.”

    “Why? Don’t ya trust me?” Ash asked.

    Cilan just stared intently at him.

    Ash sighed and showed him his hands.

    “Go clean them and then you can eat, Ash.” Cilan said.

    Ash groaned softly and turned to go clean them in a nearby lake.

    Iris ran up with clean hands and took a plate. “Oh Ash, stop being such a kid about it and just do it!” She scolded.

    “Stop calling me a kid!” Ash yelled out as he kept going toward the lake.

    Iris turned to Cilan with an evil smile plastered on her face.

    “Why so mischievous Iris?” Cilan asked.

    “Oh, you’ll see…” Iris smirked and took her seat at their make shift table.

    “Okay…” Cilan sweat dropped.

    Ash came back, flashed his hands at Cilan and then eagerly received a plate of Cilan’s tasty Berry Sandwiches before sitting down.

    Cilan joined them and watched as Iris tried to hide her smile.

    “Hey Ash, I just remembered something I saw when going to get berries.” Iris piped up, barely containing her smile.

    “What, Iris?” Ash asked curiously.

    “I saw Misty!” Iris said.

    Cilan blinked in confusion and Ash’s expression turned eager.

    “Really?!” He asked.

    “Yeah, she was kissing Tripp.” By this time, she couldn’t suppress her huge grin.

    Ash’s face fell and turned into horror. He stood up abruptly. “WHAT?!” He yelled in a voice of obvious horror and anger. “Alright, where is he?!”

    Iris was laughing uncontrollably at his reaction. “Ch-chill out Ash,” she choked out between laughs. “I was just kidding.”

    He gave her a death glare that could almost be as scary as one of Misty’s glares.

    “Alright, Iris, don’t be so cruel.” Cilan said with a slight nervous chuckle.

    Iris tried to stop laughing, wiping her eyes that were now full of tears from laughing so hard. “Sorry Cilan. But I’m just trying to get this kid to admit his feelings for her.”

    “There’s no feelings to admit!” Ash yelled and took an angry bite out of his sandwich.

    Iris sighed. “Whatever…”

    Ash sat back down and continued to eat but it was evident that he was still fuming.
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