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    This challenge is based upon a challenge idea formulated a few months ago. I have already completed a playthrough of it on Pokemon Sapphire.

    The rules of this challenge are based primarily around the idea of your player being a drifter who is mysterious and unknown to other. Some of the rules are required, but others are simply optional to the challenge. This can be played on any game, and I have found it to be fairly enjoyable. When playing it, note that it is one of the few challenges that can specifically be "lost", so be careful how you allocate things!


    • Only 6 Pokemon may be caught. Ever. This is to bond with the few "friends" you have.
    • The Master Ball which you receive must be tossed. This is a challenge, after all.
    • Any facilities* may only be used once in the playthrough so as to prevent connections with others. You must remain unknown and a drifter. *[see list of facilities]
    • Species Clause: You may only have 1 of any Pokemon species or evolutionary chain. Your team should have variety, for it is a challenge.
    • No P.C. usage is permitted. This means no touching it at all - no mail, items, boxes etc.
    • No HM slaves are permitted. At least one non-HM move must exist on any Pokemon. They are your friends, not slaves or tools.
    • No Day-Care Usage is permitted.
    • Blacking out/Whiting out results in game over unless you revert to the previous save (it would mean that you have used a facility twice).
    • No more than 20 items may, at any point in time, exist in the players item pouch within their bag. Travel light as a drifter.
    • No legendary Pokemon.

    Optional Rules
    • Make your player's name "Drifter" to add to the atmosphere of the challenge.
    • Nickname each party Pokemon
    • Complete all GYM and Contest challenges
    • If interviewed, only respond with "Okay, Alright, Acceptable" etc.

    Plan out what you capture so that you can progress in the game! You must be able to use HM moves as necessary to complete the storyline. Also, if possible, do not use facilities if you do not need to. Sometimes saving them until later if necessary is very useful, if not essential. Finally, be careful when you save. If you save, you should be certain that you have wisely used facilities, or else it could result in the failure of the challenge!
    Just for a quick reference, also, when the plot requires heals, they do not count as facilities. This means that if (as part of the plot) your mom heals your pokemon (as in DPPt), you can still heal from her afterwards (though still only once)

    List of Facilities
    • Anybody who sells things. This includes but is not limited to...
      1. Pokemarts
      2. Berry Shops
      3. Salesmen on the road (such as in Slateport City or the woman selling lava cookies on Mt. Chimney)
      4. Herbal Shops
      Vending Machines such as those in Black, White and Dept. Stores are not facilities, so they are infinite-use. Note this!
    • Those who heal Pokemon, such as Pokecenters and people in houses or on roads etc.
    • Game Corners
    • Battle Tower/Frontier/Subway Prize Turn-in (the actual battling can be used indefinitely, if you wish)
    • Anything else based around the concept of "use" not on this list. If you are unsure about any facilities, post a comment.

    Ultimate Challenge
    Pack/Bag space is limited to 15 items instead of 20 for each game, Only 5 Pokemon may ever be caught. It is not greatly different, but enough to make it far more difficult.

    Game Completion
    Red/Blue/Green/Yellow: Defeat your Rival and become the Champion
    Gold/Silver/Crystal: Defeat Red on Mt. Silver
    Ruby/Sapphire: Defeat Steven and become the Champion
    Emerald: Defeat Steven
    FireRed/LeafGreen: Defeat Mewtwo
    Diamond/Pearl: Defeat Team Galactic for the final time at Mt. Mortar
    Platinum: Defeat Cynthia again after defeating Team Galactic at Mt. Mortar
    Black/White: Defeat Alder
    Black/White 2: Defeat Iris for the second time (Challenge Mode is optional)

    To sign-up, use the format of...

    Pokecommunity Username:

    squirrelfeet (Sapphire)
    Stodd (Crystal)
    squirrelfeet (Black 2)
    SanityStealer (Diamond)
    Inkblots (Leaf Green)
    ~Sia~ (HeartGold)
    ChiKouu (Black)
    YourFavorite (Ruby)
    PiggyBankLies (Ruby)

    Ultimate Challengers
    hopelessangelic (Black)

    squirrelfeet (Sapphire)

    Ultimate Champions (incase normal mode was not difficult enough)
    [None Listed]

    Good luck!
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