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    Originally Posted by kkj1116 View Post
    Woah, that was a quick reply. I'm taking a liking to sticking around in this forum although I mainly check my own thread..

    Think about it in the plot context: why should Dragon trainers be supplied with PokeBalls? That means you can catch a Caterpie, a Wobbufet, and Geodude. I wanted to deviate a slight bit from the normal gameplay.

    I included Apricorns because I figured some players might desperately want a valid way to get PokeBalls. Of course you can always use Gameshark codes to get PokeBalls.

    I'm building this hack's Pokemon-owning structure around retrieving them as prizes and gifts. People like Elm and Bill will give you select Pokemon, and you will able to get some in the Goldenrod Casino. Given these choices, it will be your decision to stick with a Gyarados or a Seaking, or maybe even both.
    The only reason that i use pokeballs is to catch pokemon that i like and to strengthen up my team .
    If you're not at adding kanto why not adding new areas to johto ?
    @Dark rising girl I think that it's a prequel to g/s/c rather than post johto game because ( i think ) the player is lance and the game describes how lance became a dragon master
    But i don't disagree adding new dragons from genIII genIV and genV