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    Thanks for the comment.

    Yeah, the shading on the Simisage, the light source was supposed to come from the right. I was a bit tired when adding finishing touches on that one, so I go fix it. Sometimes I do have trouble shading. Thanks for the small tutorial, it helped clarify a couple small things I was unsure of. XD

    I drew the Simisage by hand, and therefore, my eraser sucks. I don't use the pencil's eraser, I use a white eraser. I also try to clean up my hand drawings in GIMP as well.

    Edit: Here's another batch of drawings:


    Toma, my DBZ character again. Redrawn and so much better.


    Letus, my friend that I drew the Simisage for, another Saiyan DBZ character. She's not mine, but is Toma's love interest.


    I recall mentioning a Fire Emblem + Legend of Zelda role-play I wanted to start here, but it never pulled through. I started it on my home forum, though, so yeah. I made the banner for it, and so I'm putting it here.
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