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    Originally Posted by iLoveHate View Post
    Position you want to apply: Scripter. Though im not proffessional
    Proof of work: (screenshots, sprites, etc.) I will Pm you about that i dont want that other people can steal it for their apply.
    Why you want to join this team? (practice, for fun, etc.): Hmm, good question. Haha practice ofc and Fun is always something that is needed.
    UTC/GMT +2 hours~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Current Time zone
    CEST - Central European Summer Time~~~~~~ Current Time zone
    UTC/GMT +1 hour~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~standard time zone.
    Btw, i live in The Netherlands
    Contact:Hmm, i got MSN,Skype,Facebook if needed. If you prefer something else just say to me and i will dwnld it.
    I prefer skype cuz you can have group chats forever instead of making each day a new group chat. I cant talk english very well btw haha.

    Things you might know (and have to deal with :p): Im not a huge fan of fakemon, i know you like spriting. I saw a voting poll and the result was more then 60% didnt like fakemon. I would love to participate in the making of the storyline.
    I just read you want a pickachu that follows you, but i really want that aswell but im not sure it's scripting work or ASM cuz so far as i know it has something to do with a engine blablabla.

    I didnt dare to apply to a team so far cuz i thought i need to improve my skills first. Now i think im ready to help with a hack.

    I hope to hear from you and join tha team

    Btw, easter eggs is a Great idea!
    We have the same timezone (I live in Greece) and since you are the 1st to post and I need a scripter...

    Do you know the givepokemon, giveitem and givegg commands?
    Because we'll need them.

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