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    All right. I see I'm not alone in this, but my Mom is also a Psyduck. I just decided to do some early exploration and that was my first finding.

    I can imagine my childhood.


    So here are my first findings (spoiler tags used from here on for images):

    First feature: here are two of the three starters (there is also a Kabuto):


    For some reason, I can travel to Route 21 without being required to go north to get the parcel for Oak. I consider this a bug. The trainers blocking the way should be there until the parcel is delivered thereby forcing the player to go to the north first along Route 1. Players may be forever wondering when they will get their Pokéballs, and that's a lot of early backtracking since you only get your first ones after the parcel is delivered!

    Hmm. I wonder why I cannot walk on these tiles. (Four on first screen, and that single square on the second.)


    I wonder who that is...


    Caught up with me? You were standing there, you oaf!


    ...wa-wait! Pallet Town isn't THAT way!


    So I decided to run back up to Viridian and check out the Pokémon League building. Along the way, I stopped to splash around in the puzzle.




    In summary, the game may be complete, but it's lacking a LOT of polish. It took me five minutes to break it this much. Not good.

    Also, the sand is a wild Pokémon paradise along the main path. This also is not a good start. Remember this used to be surf water, so the flags for wild encounters need checking.



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