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Originally Posted by ~RNC~ View Post
Dream World Pokemons


ENG Female Bellsprout
ENG Female Carvanha (bred)
JPN Charmander (Solar Power Male) UT
DW Female Dratini with Marvel Scale UT (good ivsl Modest and Careful)
ENG DW Espeon UT Male (w/ Magic Bounce)
ENG Female Farfetch'd
JPN Guide Gotherita UT (male Bashful)
ENG Kanghaskhan Female UT
ENG Female Solosis (bred)
JPN Torchic (Speed Boost Male) UT

What would you want for these please??
How about these?


E-Card Togepi lv20 Sassy ID 12681
E-Card Scizor lv50 Hasty ID 12681
E-Card Mareep lv37 Mild ID 12681
Kyoto Pikachu lv30 Naughty ID 10039
Hadou Regice lv40 Docile ID 50901
Hadou Registeel lv40 Adamant ID 50901
Hadou Regirock lv40 Hasty ID 50901
PC Fukuoka Groudon lv80 Adamant ID 03172 *SHINY*
Koroshiama Pikachu lv10 Quiet ID 31121
PokePark Igglybuff lv5 Modest ID 56452

Btw, you have a DW female Kanghaskhan already I saw it looking through your 5th Gen Events I believe.

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