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    Game is developed in C# using Microsoft XNA Framework 4.0

    It requires installation.

    Download here:
    Last updated Sept. 25th, 2012

    This game is called Star Sign. It was inspired by the end credits for the 6th movie, Jirachi Wish Maker. I wanted to make a game that encompassed that feeling when connecting the dots and guessing the Pokemon it symbolized. It is intended to be simple and short, like a game from's fun zone.

    The game plays like this:

    Stars will appear on the game screen.

    Draw out the constellation shown on the right to clear the round.

    You have 40 seconds per round. Stages get harder over time. More distracting stars will appear, and constellations will become more complex.

    As time passes in a round, distracting stars will disappear to help make it easier for you. Clear the round early and you will get bonus points for all the other stars remaining.

    Parts unfinished:

    About 200 Pokemon are in the game. At most I will probably include 1-386 + formes. I don't know if I'll do it all though.

    Everything in the game screen is MS-Painty temp programmer-y art right now. I will deal with that later...

    If you find any other bugs I would like to hear them.


    Sprites edited from Pokemon Ranger, Pokemon Trozei, or made by self.
    Music from Etrian Odyssey 3.
    Sound effects from Pokemon Black and White.
    Programmed by self.
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