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University has my time taken up for now guys. So NEW breeding requests after this post are closed until this work load decreases. Trades will still take place if possible. As for the previous posters, I will tell you my responses.

Boss: I will do the Treecko egg when time permits.

Fafiq: The Slowpoke and the Omanyte I will do soon as I get time also, however Can the Omanyte be male as it will take way too long to get a Seed

Ho-oH: I do not need 4th Gen sorry but thanks. What BP did you want?

Medlis: I will do your BP.

As for when they will be finished it may be in a couple of weeks if you are willing to wait, it may be this Sunday if I get time, you get my drift sorry but Schoolwork is way time consuming, Thank you for understanding.
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