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As far as my other hack goes, let me clear that up. It's just a Rom that I use to test things out. I have some other things in mind, and at one point i had another one I was planning out, but I set it aside to work on this.

What I'm trying to do right now is get the game to the point where it is playable up to the elite four. Once it is to that point, which should be soon, i am going to sand it out with a power sander. The problem with this hack is that I learned so many new things that I didnt know before this. For example, I had no clue how edit tiles before this, and now I do. So ny original intention was to just use the default tiles.

Now I want to change then, however the ideal thing to do would have been to edit thr tiles before I started mapping/scripting. However I didnt. So while this hack is definately going to be a "practice run" for me, I still intend to make it enjoyable.

Some of the things I want to add are

-lots of new tiles
-more new overworlds
-new music
-more post game stuff

Also, i meant armaldo for steven. Got them mixed up. And the umbreon/espeon sprites are ripped from hg/ss
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