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    Tunzi Desert - Day 1

    As dawn breaks over Huoshan the challengers begin their exodus towards the north-most city gate. There are as many as a thousand challengers here for this great trial, though most of them will drop out far before the end. A line begins to form as the challengers exit the city, each one of them is handed a small package. When you collect yours you find a map, marked on which is the Zongwu tower in the Unyielding Earth nation, this is where you will find your first trial. The quickest route is a direct path though you are not prepared for this, you have far too little water to cross the desert that far, especially when it means stopping overnight. The much more sensible route is north west to the small trading village of Tunzi. There you will be able to stock up on water and other supplies.

    Also in the package are five ball shaped objects, you think you recognise them but are surprised that you are being given objects so rare and valuable. They are primitive Pokeballs. First is the Ashball made from dark volcanic rock it is good for capturing fire Pokemon Next if the Barkball, made of a hollow bark casing for wood Pokemon. The Shellball for water Pokemon, the Ironball for metal Pokemon and the Sandstone ball for earth Pokemon. Carefully you pack these objects away in you bag before moving on.

    The road to Tunzi is a frequently used trade route, as such a great many people are travelling it. While it is busy you should be on the lookout for bandits who may attempt to rob you. Early on the route is a combination of scrub land and rocky desert, but further on it is open sandy desert.


    You may find the following Pokemon in this area.

    Sentret (Earth)
    Dunsparce (Earth)
    Zangoose (Earth)
    Patrat (Earth)
    Spearow (Wood)
    Canea (Wood)
    Oddish (Wood)
    Seviper (Water)
    Skorupi (Earth)
    Sandshrew (Earth)
    Trapinch (Earth)
    Nincada (Wood)
    Poochyena (Earth)
    Electrike (Wood)
    Blitzle (Wood)
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