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Alright as you may well know there are not many "active" leagues at this point so I Cyrus ( real name+in game name ) have decided to create a whole new league, it's fairly simple and I would love to have positive input about the rules and formation. The rules are as followed: 1# Only 1 Legendary per team ( please note that the following legendaries are banned: Arceus, Mew, Mew Two, Deoxys and Darkrai. ) The legendary you choose MUST be of your type and only 1 legendary per trainer, no two trainers can have the same legendary or type.2# Have Fun 3# Obey the PokéCommunity battling rules apart from the uber rule. There will be 8 gym leaders 4 elite 4's and a Champion. Once positions are made they will be set in stone after the tournament. ( I am already placing myself as 2nd Elite 4, and will be set in stone for good.)So that's about it, post sign up like this:

IGN ( in game name ):
Position Wanted:

Cheers Cyrus

Oh yes I will be a Normal Type

And the ranking system doesn't go from weakest to strongest it's whoever signs up first!
In Game Name: Cyrus
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