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    Originally Posted by DaSpirit View Post
    Everything you described have solutions. I easily found a solution to your key problem. I suggest you fix your graphics. It's a 1 minute fix. I don't know how you did not notice it. You did stretch the sprites, I'm looking at your graphics folder now. A depth system shouldn't be hard. It should be a 3 dimensional array that determines which tile to use and which depth (depth would be your z, and you only need 3, ground, middle and top).
    I'm not quite sure how you can have so many gripes about graphical elements so early on in the development of hansiec's engine.

    As to this whole stretched graphics, what are you talking about? All tiles are 32x32 and the player sprite is 32x42 due to a 10 pixel overlap to give a sense of depth when the player is in front of a building, sign, npc, etc. I know that because I'm the one he got those graphics from (although indirectly). If he was using 3rd gen tiles they would still be 32x32. Suggesting to use HG/SS Tiles is not a good idea and will severely complicate things and it really doesn't matter what tiles he provides, anyone who uses the engine should use their own custom ones so that their game is actually taken seriously and isn't just something they whipped up in 10 minutes.

    As for actual depth, I am sure he implemented layers of tiles (probably amount of 3 layers) and if he hasnt, he will. Your point about the player bouncing really only shows that you have no intent to help with whats actually important (ie: the game logic and implementation) and is once again just another graphical gripe.

    hansiec, good luck with the engine. If you ever need help let me know. I haven't looked over your code at all yet (only bothered to compile it and run it ) but if I find some free time I'll give it a look and see how you're handling everything.
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