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    Victoria Stone

    Giving an unconvincing weak smile as Vincent came over to assist her, she gratefully accepted his assistance. He placed a hand on her back, her arm draped over his shoulder for support as they made their way to the fire. Once she was seated, Vincent looked over and asked her how she was feeling. Quite honestly, she wasn't sure how to answer that.

    Accepting the outstretched fish, she looked at it with a mild look of distaste. Fish already not being her favorite thing, and in her weakened state it looked even more unappetizing. Pixie came bounding up behind her, Archie in tow. She quickly remembered Bubba still locked away in his pokeball, along with her new friend. She thought it cruel to try and feed a fish fish, so she only released Bubba to snack on the luke-warm meal. The Pokemon attacked it vigorously, seemingly not caring about temperature or taste.

    “I’m okay,” she lied in response to Vincent’s question. “I’m feeling much better, just some soreness,” lying again. “Thank you guys. I don’t even want to think about what might have happened if I was alone out there.” She shuddered. “I’d hug all of you, but I think I’d fall down in the process,” her small joke a big deal for her, considering she wasn’t a big hugger and toucher.

    “Now that you mention it, the last time I saw Ace was here by the fire. Right before we walked off in fact. Did you guys notice anything while Vincent and I were gone?” She cast an appraising eye at the others, hoping they might have a semblance of an idea of what happened to Ace. Looking at Kelsey, less so for an answer but more for an unspoken question. All this fuss about her, did anyone even check to make sure she was okay from her night being unconscious in the forest? Kelsey and her Cyndaquil both looked pretty beat up the last time she had seen them.

    Leaning over painfully to whisper to Kelsey, her voice inaudible to the others, she said, “Hey Kelsey, are you okay? Last time I saw you, before all this of course, you were out like a light.” Her voice took on a hushed, weak worried tone.
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