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    I haven't seen the episodes, but I knew they were going to bring Dawn back for a mini arc. It's become a tradition since they got rid of Misty, but I'm surprised that she got so many compared to the other two and gives off the impression of favortism that I know would rub a lot of people the wrong way. I know on TV Tropes(I don't have an account there, I just read the pages to see what's happening with shows and/or fanbases without getting involved in the "bloodshed") there are already people wanting to accuse Dawn(and Iris) of being a "Wesley Crusher" type of character(google Star Trek: The Next Generation if you're confused on who I'm talking about).

    And, for the record, despite how that sounded I do like Dawn and feel she had a lot of wasted potential(same thing with Misty). She reminds me a lot of Minako Aino from Sailor Moon who is one of my favorite characters.

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