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    This reminds me of a Mitch Hedberg joke where he said casinos that always show people winning in their commercials is false advertising because no casino is full of people winning all the time when most people in casinos are losing money. He also said it would be like advertising a hamburger with a picture of someone choking with the caption "This is what happened...once".

    I think it's just like any group of people, you can't judge them all because of the actions (or appearance) of one of them. And blaming it on the game wouldn't be fair. Millions of people play Halo and Borderlands and Gears of War and other shooting games and never hurt anyone. When some crazy does it and they find a shooting game in their house, they like to point the finger and say "Video games caused this!!".

    I'm sure there are some Pokemon fanatics in the world that live, eat and sleep Pokemon. But Pokemon is supposed to encourage interaction with others, not the opposite. Maybe this guy was just in a hurry to get Manaphy, though I personally like to be clean when I'm in public!
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