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    CharlieCraft offers you to join player-made towns or start your own in one of 3 huge worlds, lets you protect your items with protection plugins, presents you with cool server events and invites you to become a part of a great and helpful community!

    Server has a currency based economy system, which will allow you to trade with other players, set up your own shops or buy land for your town. All transactions are secure and run through trade signs automatically by clicking on them.


    TOWNY: Join or create towns and nations, easily protect your buildings and items, invite friends or meet new ones!
    TRADE SIGNS: Buy stuff you need or sell stuff you don't simply by setting up trade signs. Earn CharlieCoins (CC) by selling randomly dropped slimeballs to the server or trade with other players.
    LOCKETTE: Protect your belongings with signs even outside your town. Protects chests, furnaces, doors, brewing stands,...
    MULTIVERSE: Explore 3 huge worlds within one server. New players can jump between 1.2.5 and 1.3.1 worlds in a matter of seconds via world portals.
    MAGIC SPELLS: Use magic spells to aid you in regular gameplay or hel defeat enemies in combat. Support spells are cast with a wooden stick and offensive spells with a blaze rod. All spells require certain reagents (items) to cast.
    ANTI GRIEF and ANTI CHEAT: Prevents dishonest players from taking advantage of cheats like x-ray, etc. Provides a more pleasant gaming experience for everyone else.

    You can find a LIVE MAP on the website, that displays towns and players on all 3 worlds, and can greatly help you maneouvre through the map.

    Join our server now to start playing or sign up at to get access to all server features for free!
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