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~The Nervous System Challenge~
Nervous? You should be. (oh so punny)

-The goal of the game is to beat the elite four using six pokemon. Here's the catch:

-Your team will work somewhat similarly to the human nervous system, with a pokemon representing the brain, a pokemon representing the spinal cord, a pokemon representing each arm and a pokemon representing each leg.

-If the pokemon representing a certain part faints, it is dead and you can not use the advantages that pokemon gives. (so the challenge becomes harder and harder as you go, as more and more handicaps are placed on you - it's basically a modified nuzlocke)

-Here are the repercussions for when a certain pokemon dies (also, each penalty stacks)

-One of your leg pokemon: You can not run away from pokemon battles

-Both of your leg pokemon: You can not run, you must walk or use your wheelchair. (bike) You should try to use your wheelchair whenever possible.

-Left arm pokemon: You can not go into your bag during battles

-Right arm pokemon: You cannot switch pokemon in/out in battle

-Spinal cord pokemon: Once this pokemon dies, so do all the other appendages (so say good bye to your legs and arms) and you gain all the penalties for losing them

-Brain pokemon: Once this pokemon dies, the game is over

-You should catch all your pokemon before the third gym, but you don't have to. If you don't have all your pokemon after the third gym, optional rule number 4 is no longer optional. (So make sure you have your brain pokemon, because otherwise, you instantly lose. Also, make sure you have your spinal cord pokemon, or you can't use any appendage pokemon.)

-Trading is okay, as long as all pokemon being traded in are level five or lower (or eggs)

-Trade evolutions are okay

-No switching up your party (you must decide before you start the challenge (just putting it out there))

-However, you can have HM slaves before getting all your party members. Once a party member is obtainable, you must get rid of your HM slaves

-If a party member dies, you can fill their slot with an HM slave

-Obviously, HM slaves cannot go into battle, ever. If all your current challenge pokemon in your party faint, the challenge is over, similar to a nuzlocke

-And I think that's about it! :D

Optional Rules:
-1. You can only use electric types, pyschic types and any pokemon with a speed over 100.

-2. You have a time limit, as speed is essential in the nervous system. You have 24 ingame hours to beat the game. (you can set the time limit lower if you like)

-3. If a pokemon is poisoned, it is considered dead, as poison targets the nerves. If a pokemon is paralyzed, it is considered dead.

-4. Until getting your pokemon, you are inhibited (so if you don't have the pokemon representing your left arm, no bag)

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Name: GolurkIsDaBomb
Game: Diamond
Team: Brain:
Bronzong Spine: Torterra Left Arm: Gastrodon Right Arm: Toxicroak Left Leg: Vespiquen Right Leg: Ambipom
Optional Rules?: No.
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