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    What are your favorite starters from each generation and why? What about overall in both generations? If you were never someone who used the starters, like you just put them away as soon as you found your favorite, what three Pokemon in GenI/II would you place as the starters? Lets get this convo going! And what moves do you give your starter and which moves are a bust?

    I like Tododile and Squirtle, maybe Charmander. But sometimes i put the starter away when I found a Tauros. Not all the time, but sometimes.

    I think Tauros, Kangaskhan, and Likitung would be good starters. Mainly because they can all learn a variety of moves and also have a lot of pure strength!(Likitung is not as strong physically but it is still tough, and can learn a lot)

    Tauros - Earthquake, Double-Edge, Flamethrower, Ice Beam (powerful set)
    Kangaskhan - Body Slam, Earthquake, Swagger, Double Team (annoying set)
    Likitung - Attract, Swagger, Double Team, Toxic (EVIL set (mwuahahaha))

    Gen I starters? i havent thoght that far yet but will post when i decide!

    READ!! NO POSTS FOR GEN III AND UP. MAYBE firered is acceptable, but even then, try to keep it only in the generations mentioned! color and metal only.
    -I/II gen are the only great gens; things get pretty ridiculous after that.
    -gen I/II have the best Pokemon and stories, by far!
    -All of these weird Poke's and typings in III/IV/V are unrealistic and don't look appealing!
    -The best thing about modern generations are the moves! I like Aerial Ace and Water Pulse.

    Gen I and II are SUPERIOR
    BY FAR
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