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    Disclaimer: Yes this is a sequel to Pokemon XD. It probably sucks but hey! Might as well try it out.

    Rated PG 13 for violence and crude humor.

    Let's go!


    Welcome! To the great land of Orre, where everyone lives in peace! Despite the island's lovely vibe, Orre is actually secretly dark. Crime rates are high and the underground Pokemon battles have become terrible.

    Ten years ago, a large group of people, named Team Snagem, invented the Snag Machine, a device used to steal Pokemon from their trainers during battle. A young man stole the device and used it against Cipher, another organization that closed the door to Pokemon's hearts. These special Pokemon were called Shadow Pokemon, or the ultimate fighting machines

    Cipher plans to take over Orre with the Shadow Pokemon were shattered by the young man who stole the Snag Machine, and all the Shadow Pokemon were purified. But Cipher wasn't done yet.

    Cipher's admin that weren't arrested put their heads together to create the ultimate Shadow Pokemon, XD001. XD001 was a Shadow Lugia that was thought to be unpurifable. A young boy proved them wrong.

    He fought Cipher's second attack five years after the first. He purified XD001 and set him free. Soon, Orre became peaceful and quiet. Well besides Pyrite Town, which is the Pokemon World's crime center.

    But, yet again, Cipher still isn't finished.
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